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‘Shadowhunters’ Cast Will Tudor as Sebastian

Shadowhunters made a major casting announcement today as Will Tudor is set to play Sebastian in the series and will make his debut in the first episode of season 2B. This is a huge deal as he is a major character in The Mortal Instruments novels and has a complicated relationship with Clary (Katherine McNamara) and Jace (Dominic Sherwood).

Sebastian comes from the London Institute and arrives in New York after befriending one of the show’s main characters. This is a departure from the books where he was originally from the Paris Institute. Speaking to TVLine, showrunner Todd Slavkin explained that they are putting their own spin on Sebastian and truly want fans to be surprised. With the sudden death of Jocelyn Fray/Fairchild (Maxim Roy) from last episode, fans are getting interesting new narratives but the series is still keeping with the spirit of the world that Cassandra Clare created.

Tudor was Olyvar in Game of Thrones and Odi in Humans.

Interestingly enough, Slavkin also said that they originally had Tudor speak with an American accent but after seeing his reel they decided that using his British accent was the way to go and have his character come from the UK.

Watch his special message to the fans below:

Here’s a little tease of Clary and Sebastian together courtesy of Katherine McNamara!

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