“Rightfully, Beary Arms” hits Steam Next Fest today!

Get a demo run of Daylight Basement Studios bullet hell rougelite before it lands on Steam Early Access July 27th

Want a game that’s both cute and deadly? Come explore galaxies as Beary, an adorable teddy with an itchy trigger finger. Dust your enemies using a cavalcade of weapons on your intergalactic journey.

Bear some of the craziest arms in the universe including a rainbow-laser shooting Catling Gun and the Foamball shooter just to name a few! Each completed dungeon will earn you awesome loot from money, weapons, and skills, to other sweets straight from the honey jar.

As Beary levels up so will his enemies. It’s up to you how they get tougher. Is it an increase in their skills? Or maybe new kinds of enemies. The choice is yours but be sure it’s in Beary’s best interest!

Don’t fear the reaper cause every replay comes with its own perks. Multiple run throughs give you new randomized upgrade trees. Have fun dispatching your many foes, enjoying an original chiptune soundtrack along the way.

Rightfully, Beary Arms drops on PC through Steam Early Access Thursday July, 27th. And Steam’s Next Fest is running now until June 26th!

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