Genopanic Drops On Steam Next Fest

The mysterious space adventure sequel to Space Expedition drops a playable demo

Welcome to space station SIMBIRSK. It’s a bit of a mess following some illegal genetic experimentation. Luckily you’re on hand to clean house, and possibly, maybe, definitely kill some monsters. You’re not alone in your quest to find out what horrible things went down – this intergalactic space station also comes with an adorable AI pup…and some leftover monsters…

Genopanic | Map

As you traverse the abandoned hulls of the ship in Genopanic, you’ll be collecting some of the scary genetically engineered beasts and fending off others. Lucky for you there’s an arsenal of unique defense options such as gravity guns, flamethrowers, and upgrades to your space suit designed to help you clear a path. It’s a Metroidvania inspired adventure!

Genopanic | BURN

On your journey piece together a terrifying non-linear story with varying endings, take in the spectacular pixel art, and enjoy a haunting score. Genopanic drops on PC through Steam later this year with a full console launch to follow early next year. But those interested can try the demo during Steam Next Fest right now!

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