Podcast: The Workprint Gossips About The ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Premiere

Bilal and Jen travel around Westeros from location to location as they break down the Season 6 “Game of Thrones” premiere. Glamour spells beware, this podcast will delve deep into spoilers!

Notable moments in the podcast:

  • Finally feeling happy at Winterfell’s turn of events
  • The nonsense that is the Dorne plot line
  • Angry Dany is Best Dany
  • The Red Woman’s new look

If podcasts aren’t your thing, you can always check out Jen’s review of the episode here.

Jen Stayrook
Don't let the fancy nerd duds deceive you; Jen’s never been described as “classy.” You can find her on Twitter where she stalks all of her favorite celebrities: @jenstayrook. Or you can find her on Steam or Xbox dying in every game she plays as "Rilna." Email: jen.stayrook@theworkprint.com

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  1. I don’t understand why the showrunners love to hide things from fans. I mean we are so desperate to get a single hint about Jon Snow’s fate but the whole production team is making it so tough. This might be their one of the tactics to retain curiosity among mad fans. Well we still have a hope that Jon Snow will return in Season 6 Premiere.

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