11 Big Moments On This Week’s ’12 Monkeys’

12 Monkeys
Season 2, Episode 2: “Primary”
Air Date: April 25, 2016


Season 2 of 12 Monkeys shows no signs of slowing down as we are treated to another intense episode full of action and unexpected events in both the present and future timelines. It’s been interesting to see Cassie and Cole at odds with each other now that their perspectives have both shifted as a result of their experiences. Dr. Railly is now the hardened individual from her time in the ravaged 2043, while Cole has become more compassionate. These differences continues puts them at odds with each other even though they still have a common mission to accomplish.

Here are the 11 things you need to know on this week’s 12 Monkeys:

12 Monkeys - Season 2

Cassie + West 7

Cassie becomes a pseudo member of the West 7 as she helps Deacon and his gang collect parts to fix the time machine. We get a sense of how she’s had to adapt to the apocalyptic future and choosing to kill to survive. The ScavKing has taught her well.

Cole Convinces Jennifer to Give Him The Virus

As hardcore Cassie bursts onto the rooftop in 2016 Chinatown and kills the 12 Monkeys goons, she comes upon Cole and Jennifer, who holds the virus precariously over the edge of the building. The former CDC doctor is ready to end Ms. Goines’ life but Cole manages to diffuse the situation in the nick of time. Trusting him, Jennifer decides to choose a different path for herself by giving Cole the virus. The three of them (plus Ramse) then head to an air hanger where Jennifer’s plane resides with the rest of the virus to destroy it.

An Altered Future

Which results in our first time shift as events from the present alter the future. As soon as the virus vials are destroyed in 2016, Cassie, Cole, and Ramse begin to have headaches and nose bleeds with Jones experiencing the same thing in 2044. Jones realizes that the future is changing right before her as newspaper clippings and images on the board, as well as people all around her appear to be in flux. She immediately rushes to her quarters to check on her daughter Hannah’s blanket. The text on the blanket appears and disappears multiple times as the shifts continue. But what is curious is that Jennifer appears to know what is going on as well as she gleefully starts to exclaim that times are a changing. INTEREEESTING. We also find out that the plague now starts in 2018 instead of the original 2016.

12 Monkeys - Season 2

Ramse Goes Back to the Future

Cassie wants Jennifer and Ramse dead while Cole and her to go back to the future, but her former partner-in-crime refuses. Even after everything that the other man had done, Cole understood that Ramse was trying to protect his son from ceasing to exist. Angry, Dr. Railly takes matters into her own hands and injects Ramse with Cole’s tether to send him back and she follows soon after. Before she disappears, she tells him that he’s forgotten the mission. Oh hardcore Cassie, I adore you.

Jennifer Knows Many Things

Something is definitely up with Jennifer. She knows that something’s changed, just not in the way Cole imagined it. After they are left behind by Cassie and Ramse, she tells him that the number home is 607, which also turns out to be the area code of the phone number for Jones in 2016. Cole wonders how she knew about the good doctor. As they are trying to figure out their next move, Jennifer orders him to stop the car and runs into the Emerson Hotel so that he can use the phone. Inside the lobby she tells him that he’s been here before to which he contradicts. A surly front desk clerk explains that to use a phone Cole would have to get a room. He is given the keys to 210 but Jennifer insists that he needs a prime number like 607. After some argument Cole leaves with the original keys and calls Jones up inside the room. He asks her to make a note in her journal in August 2044 to pick him up at the Emerson Hotel but Jones refuses to help and hangs up, saying that he’s not supposed to tell her anything that might affect the integrity of their timeline.

Jennifer continues to spew interesting rambles that are likely clues of some sort. Apparently Olivia knows that she can see the changes in the timeline. In addition she states that Cole and Cassie together would mean the end of the world. She says that they can be together if the world dies and kisses him (though he doesn’t kiss her back since his heart is with Cassie).

12 Monkeys - Season 2

Suddenly a man knocks at the door and then comes to escort them to room 607, explaining that the front desk clerk didn’t know about Mr. Cole’s previous arrangement. The private residence turns out to be HIS private residence. The man explains that his family has run the Emerson Hotel for 100 years and that room 607 had been purchased in 1944 (in perpetuity) by a Mr. James Cole. The hotel manager hands him an image and asks if the man in the picture had been Cole’s grandfather because he looks just like him. Silly man, that is Cole!

Ramse Helped Young Deacon in 2013

Back in 2044 in the midst of his torture via Deacon, Ramse begins to tell the story of a family in New Rochelle, NY back in 2013. An abusive husband was beating his wife in front of their two young sons and the eldest kept crying as the police arrived to take his father away. Turns out this kid was Deacon and Ramse had called been the one to call the cops.

Jones Has a Boyfriend

In the altered 2044 timeline, Jones is a relationship with Dr. Vance Eckland (Battlestar Galactica’s Michael Hogan), a molecular biologist. In fact he has been living in her quarters. Yes, things are going to get awkward tonight guys.

12 Monkeys - Season 2

Cole Spares Jennifer’s Life, Urges Her To Find Her Own Purpose

After being led to room 607, Cole is now a firm believer in Jennifer seeing/knowing things though he doesn’t understand how it’s possible. After she slashes herself with a broken mirror shard, he tells her that she needs to forget her mother, father and whatever the 12 Monkeys told her. Cole patiently says that she needs to leave all of this behind and go find her true purpose because he believes that she does have one.

Cassie Coerces Ramse Through His Son

Cassie asks Whitley to find Ramse’s son Sam and bring him to the compound to try and convince his father to tell them what he knows about which time period The Messengers traveled to. Whitley succeeds and Ramse comes face to face with his kid after so long. The doctor is that hard now on the inside that she’s willing to use a child for the sake of the mission.

12 Monkeys - Season 2

The Daughters Abduct Jones

The Daughters clandestinely breach the compound, killing some of Deacon’s men and abduct Jones. The doctor is brought before one of the leaders who asks her where James Cole is and when Jones responds that he is gone, the other woman asks her why he hasn’t been brought back. The Daughters proclaim that they will remain in the area until Cole is returned. Jones is commanded to retrieve him at the Emerson Hotel suite 607, the day that he called and she refused to help. The doctor asks why they are so interested in him and one of The Daughters mysteriously announce that Cole understands that the past and future are intertwined and that their mother knows this. Of course their mother is Old Jennifer. Turns out that because he saved her life, she owed him a debt that was now being repaid. Cassie is sent back to retrieve Cole with a piece of paper that was first given to Jones by The Daughters. When Dr. Railly hands it over to the other time traveler, the paper contains the message, “I found my purpose.” It was from Jennifer of course and Cole returns to the future as well.

Mission Impossible: 1944

Cole ends up telling Jones that he thinks the messengers traveled back to the year 1944 because of the pictures of himself he found in room 607 at the Emerson Hotel. He ends up having a serious conversation with Cassie about how sparing Jennifer’s life was the only thing that actually made a difference in creating a new future and then hands her a picture of the two of them in 1944. He’s ready to go on their next mission.

What were your favorite moments in this week’s episode?


12 Monkeys airs Mondays 9/8 central on Syfy.


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