‘Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition’ Comes to the Nintendo Switch on August 8th

Obsidian Entertainment’s immensely popular CRPG, Pillars of Eternity is finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch. It looks as though developers are starting to understand that the real strength of the Switch is not the ability to play co-op and adorable family-friendly games like Mario or Zelda, but to instead have the ability to play massively long RPG’s anywhere we choose. Waiting at the pharmacy! At the back of math class! During a boring weekly office meeting! While driving!* No one has time to sit on their couch or at their PC to sink 100 hours into Fire Emblem: Three Houses. By putting these story-driven RPGs, gamers can take the exposition with them! If it sounds like a shill for the Nintendo Switch and playing RPGs on their portable system, please Nintendo, send me some money. 

Originally released in 2015, Pillars of Eternity is a CRPG that follows the likes of other popular games in the genre like Baldur’s Gate or Divinity: Original Sin. If you enjoyed those games, then let’s be honest, you’ll like Pillars of Eternity. It’s essentially a D&D campaign with funny companions who are mostly assholes to each other. Good, wholesome times with a bunch of demons and dragons thrown in for good measure. And now it’s on the Switch!

The Switch version of Pillars of Eternity includes both White March expansions so if you decide that you haven’t spent enough time in Eora, you can up the level cap and play for a few dozen more hours. For only $40, it’s a pretty good deal. But don’t let me sell it to you, let Nintendo’s website do that for me:


• Award-winning writing, story and artwork of Pillars of Eternity, along with the expanded world and content of The White March: Parts I & II.

• Expansive character creation that impacts your personal story with races, classes, and character backgrounds to choose.

• An epic universe to explore, filled with intriguing party members and companions, a variety of in-game factions, and a lovingly rendered world to traverse.

• All major updates from the original PC version, including a raised level cap, expanded party AI options, and new difficulty levels.

• The deep and classic Real-time with Pause Combat system that feeds your inner tactician.

Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition launches on the Nintendo Switch on August 8th.

*The Workprint is not responsible for you taking our sarcasm as real advice. Please don’t actually play your Nintendo Switch while driving. The game won’t save if you smash the system to bits because you were being irresponsible. 

Jen Stayrook
Jen Stayrook
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