NYCC 2019: ‘Emergence’ Promises Big Reveals Ahead

The cast of ABC’s Emergence was at New York Comic-Con today and some lucky attendees were able to screen the third episode of this new sci-fi thriller series. While audiences were told not to spoil anything for other fans, there is a big reveal that shocked star Allison Tolman that I’m sure we all collectively can’t wait to find out about.

Emergence follows the story of a mysterious young girl found near the site of a plane crash by local sheriff Jo Evans, played by Tolman. Jo takes the girl in after discovering that Piper (whom she names) can’t remember anything about where she came from or who she is. Soon however, strange things begin to happen that seem unexplainable and sinister forces are after the sheriff’s new house guest. The first two episodes have already aired and we’ve seen some strange things with Piper exhibiting special abilities, a car that acts like a super magnet, disturbing corpse disposal, and a determined group with an unknown agenda. The show though also focuses on Jo’s family with her daughter Mia, father Ed, and ex-husband Alex, all of whom get tangled up in the events surrounding Piper.

The Workprint had a chance to catch up with the cast after their panel and where they continued to disclose how fast paced the show is, mindful of how the television landscape has changed in the age of binge watching. Owain Yeoman who plays journalist Benny Gallagher said, “We deliver answers very very quickly in this show, I know a lot of shows say that but once you see episode three I think you’ll agree. You know we don’t mess around, we respect the viewers, we don’t want to just draw this mystery out endlessly.”

“It doesn’t stop, I think three changes the landscape quite a bit in our show and then every episode after that it just grows and grows and gets bigger,” Robert Bailey Jr. (Chris Minetto) adds. We’re certainly hooked!

Watch the full interview with Yeoman and Bailey below as well as our interviews with Tolman, Alexa Swinton (Piper), Ashley Aufderheide (Mia Evans), Donald Faison (Alex Evans), Zabryna Guevara (Abby Fraiser) and Clancy Brown (Ed Sawyer).


Emergence airs Tuesdays 10/9 Central on ABC.

Nicole C
Nicole C
Nicole is the Features Editor for The Workprint. She may or may not be addicted to coffee, audiobooks, and sci-fi.

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