New X-Men Unlimited Issue ‘Birthday Side Quest’ Celebrates Jubilee’s Birthday

A Jubilee Birthday Side Quest Gone Bonkers, This Issue Is Filled With Nerdy Larping and Action

A new drop over on Marvel Unlimited, the latest issue of X-Men Unlimited #41 celebrates Jubilee’s birthday! In Birthday Side Quest, fans of the series can check out how one of our favorite fire-cracking X-Men celebrates her special day!

The premise of this special one-shot is that the excitingly jubilant Jubilee goes out with her friends to attend a LARPing-themed dungeon escape room. A fun escape, if it weren’t for them being caught by sinister characters that be, who aren’t too thrilled about mutants of any kind around their premises.

Celebrating Jubilee’s birthday is the mutant Generation X team. A supportive gang of friends who, while not exactly into LARPing in the same ways as Jubilee, still decided to support their fellow hero. But while Jubilee questions if this is really what she is, who she wants to be, and where her friendships are going, this fantasy-themed escape room turns into a nightmare. As those behind the scenes are seeking to exterminate these mutants.

Can the team band together to get out with their lives? More importantly, will they make their rendezvous with their friends at the bar in time?

The series has just launched today in the Marvel Infinity Comics format. It is created by written, drawn, and colored by the talented Jason Loo and features edits by Lauren Amaro.

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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