NBC Cancels ‘Constantine,’ ‘Marry Me,’ ‘State of Affairs,’ ‘About a Boy,’ and ‘One Big Happy’

It’s a bloody Friday at NBC as the network announced their cancellations for series not returning next Fall.

On the drama front, DC’s television adaptation of Constantine, starring Matt Ryan, met the axe. The series’ outlook didn’t look well late last year when NBC decided not to order the back nine of episodes after the initial 13-episode run. Katherine Heigl’s political drama State of Affairs also failed to make the cut.

NBC’s comedies didn’t fair well either with the network announcing cancellations for Marry Me, About a Boy, and One Big Happy.

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  1. Kasia Bu I hope this batch of cancellations didn’t contain something you watched

  2. Oy vey Bilal Mian! Marry Me too! I need drink! Lol

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