Meet the Cast of The Real Housewives of Dubai

Everything you need to know about who’s in the cast and what went down in the series premiere

The twelfth installment of The Real Housewives is set in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With its rapidly growing economy, ultramodern architecture, and cosmopolitan glamor, Dubai attracts millions of tourists each year and is home to many wealthy expatriates.

In the series premiere, we are introduced to the six leading ladies…


The Real Housewives of Dubai Cast

Chanel Ayan

  • First Black supermodel in Dubai
  • From Kenya
  • Speaks four languages and is a self-proclaimed “badass bitch”
  • Has a 16-year-old son, Taj

Caroline Stanbury

  • Entrepreneur and podcast host
  • From London, UK, and just got married in Mauritius to a former Real Madrid soccer player three days before the start of the show
  • Doesn’t mind lounging in bed when her dog has peed in it
  • Mother of three from her first marriage

Nina Ali

  • Mommy influencer and CEO of a cake company
  • Born in Lebanon and grew up in Austin, Texas
  • Is a spiritual hippie who charges crystals under the full moon
  • Has three children

Lesa Milan

  • Runs a fashion empire for luxury maternity wear
  • From Jamaica and met her husband in Miami, Florida
  • Gets giant blocks of ice delivered to her pool when the temperature is too hot
  • Would do anything for her three children

Caroline Brooks

  • Realtor, entrepreneur, and spa enthusiast
  • From Newton, Massachusetts
  • Owns two homes in Dubai
  • Single mother to 9-year-old Adam

Dr. Sara Al Madani

  • Tech entrepreneur
  • From the UAE
  • Considers herself a rebel, open-minded, modern, and experimental
  • Single mother to Maktoum, born in 2015

Plot points: Caroline S. throws a bachelorette party on a boat and excludes Ayan. Nina and Sara visit the Dubai Frame with their kids. Nina throws a glamorous rooftop dinner party with a view of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on Earth. Ayan demands to know why Caroline B. called her at an ungodly hour to tell her that Caroline S. thinks Ayan is unimportant.

The Real Housewives of Dubai is broadcast on Bravo.

Rebecca Wang
Rebecca Wang
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