Krakoa’s Foundation is Starting to Crack in X-Men: Before the Fall comics!

Fall of X is four one-shots that will kick off the X-Men’s next status quo, don’t miss it!

Mutantkind’s future is evolving quickly. Teased at NYCC, Fall of X is an epic storyline that will touch all X-Men titles and change the Marvel Universe forever. The Krakoa era, which started back in Jonathan Hickman’s pivotal House of X and Powers of X, is about to experience a huge shift thanks to Fall of X.

It’s been a wild ride for mutantkind and the X-Men which begs the question “How long will Krakoa last?” Fall of X aims to answer that question plus many more. But before it does there are four one-shots here to help get you ready for what’s to come.

May brings to us X-Men:Before the Fall, along with titles designed to tie up loose plot lines, reintroduce key characters, and generally get things ready for the third annual Hellfire Gala. Along with being the dramatic must-attend event of the season, this year’s Hellfire Gala will be the official start of Fall of X and unveil the results of this year’s X-Men Vote – fans can get in on the fun and vote starting right now.

X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1 sees writer Si Spurrier and artist Phil Noto pit two titans of the X-Universe against each other. The man with endless personalities and powers comes into conflict with the mighty sentinel hunter from the future: Legion vs. Nimrod! David Hallar and friends are coming to Nightcrawler’s rescue after he gets himself abducted by Orchis, but it won’t be an easy fight. This is the man who conquered Adam Warlock and damn near destroyed Krakoa, not to mention Nightcrawler isn’t all right…and Legion’s allies might be suspicious too.

X-Men: Before the Fall – Heralds of Apocalypse #1 sees the long-anticipated return of Apocalypse care of Al Ewing with art by Luca Pizzari. The end of X of Swords saw Apocalypse and his family stranded in the cruel land of Amenth. How has their exile been? Do they rule the dark world and its hellish denizens or are they subjects to this twisted world’s inhabitants? Also, the Quiet Council will have to answer for the choices they’ve made while Apocalypse has been away.

In X-Men: Before the Fall – Mutants First Strike #1, writer Steve Orlando along with artist Valentina Pinti bring you a mutant mystery! A small town is besieged by a murderous mutant but all is not as it appears. Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Bishop have the task of uncovering the truth but the deeper they dig the more troubling the reality they unearth…for all mutantkind.

Written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Paco Medina, X-Men: Before the Fall – Sinister Four #1 is the tale of four Sinisters getting back on the villainous bike. Following the events of Sins of Sinister, all four Sinisters got revealed, but that’s not going to slow down their plans for domination…not after they’ve had a taste of real power.

Check out all four covers now and stay tuned for more news about FALL OF X, including details about this year’s HELLFIRE GALA X-VOTE!


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