Alligator Loki and Hulkling and Wiccan Kickoff Thanksgiving

Look Who's Arrived to the Dinner Table


Happy thanksgiving Marvel fans! Just earlier in the week we had gone from X-Men Unlimited House of X meets Age of Apocalypse stories, to thanksgiving dumpling recipes on T.E.S.T. kitchen, and an epic new Black Panther introduction that takes the alien meets terminator approach to vibranium. Now, we’re kicking off this holiday with two more specials from infinity comics. Available now on the Marvel Unlimited app right now.

First, Alligator Loki attends a fun cookout with friends! We’ve got some familiar faces and a Hawkeye who just wants to serve the little guy some treats. Though our little green friend has some other… friends he’d prefer in mind with whom he’d rather spend time with.

Then, available on the Love Unlimited run of Hulkling & Wiccan, we see Hulkling and Wiccan greeted by a certain Maximoff family. Whom, with words of wisdom, sort of imparts some advice to Wiccan how with great chaos comes great responsibility. Especially, given how dangerous and reality altering chaos magic tends to be.

Keep in mind this is shortly after a world where Wiccan created a reality where Hulkling and he fell in love with other people effectively ending the shipping that made this comic run. So fans are glad to see things have gone back to normal.

Sort of…

Because there is that strange alternate universe boyfriend Goebig issue. Whom in this issue, may be knocking at the door… longingly seeking a familiar face. Join, Josh Trujillo as he joins artist Tokitokoro for a dreamy and drama-filled follow-up to the hit Infinity Comic HULKLING & WICCAN! 


12-issue arc launches on Thursday, November 24 
Writer: Alyssa Wong 
Artist: Bob Quinn 
Colorist: Pete Pantazis 
Editor: Katelyn Gregorowicz 


6-issue arc launches on Thursday, November 24 
Writer: Josh Trujillo 
Artist: tokitokoro 
Colorist: Matt Milla 
Editor: Alanna Smith

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles is a screenwriter who likes sharing stories and getting to meet people. He also listens to words on the page via audible and tries to write in ways that make people feel things. All on a laptop. Sometimes from an app on his phone.

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