Marvel Unlimited Releases a T.E.S.T. Kitchen Thanksgiving Special

T.E.S.T. Kitchen does Thanksgiving Leftovers in a latest comic book and recipe


For those who enjoy seeing things about the culinary arts, T.E.S.T. kitchen is an infinity comic available on Marvel Unlimited that’s created by chef Paul Eschbach and artist E.J. Su. Equal parts comic book as it is recipe book, T.E.S.T. kitchen was originally announced over the summer during the Marvel Fanfare panel at SDCC and follows the story Anna Ameyama, a high-end chef chasing her dreams and running her own food truck.

One fateful day, Iron Man crash lands on her truck by during an epic battle. Having lost everything, Ameyama is soon greeted by Tony Stark for lunch, and of course in a moment of generosity, is given a shot to be a chef at a position over at Stark Enterprises.

“As Marvel continued to expand our efforts into the culinary space—from our original Food & Comics panels at comic-cons; to developing our food-centric Eat The Universe brand, products, and content; to the culinary concepts you see at places like Avengers Campus—creating an in-universe character to be at the front of all these endeavors only made more sense,” Cebulski told Bloomberg.

“A comic like T.E.S.T. KITCHEN, which contains both stories and recipes, will hopefully appeal to a different kind of viewer/reader than we traditionally reach at Marvel,” he added.

So far there have been three issues of the T.E.S.T. Kitchen comic. What’s neat about it is just how different it is from vertical comics that’ve come before, mostly in that it’s part comic book but also, a full-blown recipe instructional book set with pictures of food and a how-to-make instruction manual written in notebook paper that are surprisingly, delightful and informative. There’s also been a Halloween special though this week’s comic, we learn from chef Anna Ameyama, the magical art of turning your thanksgiving leftovers to delicious delectable dumplings.

And maybe… also see some mentions of Wakandan Coffee.


One-shot launches Monday, November 21 

Writer: Paul Eschbach 

Artist/Colorist: E.J. Su 

Editor: Ellie Pyle 

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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