‘Heroes Reborn’: Don’t Step on Butterflies

Heroes Reborn
Season 1, Episode 8: “June 13th, Part Two”
Air Date: November 5, 2015


The latest episode of Heroes Reborn revealed more of what happened on June 13th and how dangerous it is to mess with time.

With HRG returning to the past to set events of the present in motion, he made one momentous change that will now cost him in 2015. Firstly though, we find out how Claire really died. After Hiro and Angela time travel back to 1999, they discover that the master of time and space is unable to use his powers and that they landed in Odessa instead of a chateau in Geneva. Great-grandma Petrelli realizes that Nathan must have a similar ability to Peter and Arthur and is able to absorb powers. That’s why Claire was unable to regenerate because baby Nathan took it from her.

Peter Petrelli was able to mimic any other Evo’s ability by coming in close proximity with them while his father Arthur absorbed powers through physical contact.

HEROES REBORN -- "June 13th - Part Two" Episode 108 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jack Coleman as HRG, Robbie Kay as Tommy -- (Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)
HEROES REBORN — “June 13th – Part Two” Episode 108 — Pictured: (l-r) Jack Coleman as HRG, Robbie Kay as Tommy — (Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)

Angela decides that they must raise the children separately because Nathan might absorb Malina’s ability. Do we just assume that he manifested earlier than his sister? Since they were together in the womb for nine months he could have also taken her ability then, though we do find out later on that he can only maintain one power at a time.

Perhaps the biggest event this episode however was that present HRG decided to try and kill Erica Kravid in 2010. Because of his foiled assassination attempt (by 2010 HRG nonetheless), Erica and Quentin meet at the hospital that day where he reluctantly saves her life after she manipulates him (threatening that he’ll never see Phoebe again unless he helps her). She does keep her promise and allows Q to meet the Shadow. When HRG goes back to 2015 (he is sent by Nathan), he is met by Quentin who is very much alive and is now a Renautas henchman. Not knowing this, Noah tells him all about the twins and how he had Hiro hide them in the past. Q then proceeds to inform Erica all about it. I kind of like evil Quentin and am happy he’s not dead at the moment. This unexpected development just made the show a lot more interesting.

We also saw the return of Matt Parkman who is also on Team Renautas. He is brought into the hospital after Harris catches 2010 HRG in order to find out where Claire is. Matt manages to learn that Claire died during childbirth but luckily Caspar Abraham is able to roll over one of his memory wiping pennies to HRG before he can reveal any more information. Feeling guilty, the telepath becomes the good guy we knew him to be back in the original series and tells the two men to get out of there before Harris wakes up.

HEROES REBORN -- "June 13th - Part Two" Episode 108 -- Pictured: Greg Grunberg as Matt Parkman -- (Photo by: Sophie Giraud/NBC)
HEROES REBORN — “June 13th – Part Two” Episode 108 — Pictured: Greg Grunberg as Matt Parkman — (Photo by: Sophie Giraud/NBC)

How is it that future Parkman seems to keep ending up working for the bad guys? Back in Heroes season one when Hiro and Ando went to the future he was working for President Sylar (who was pretending to be Nathan Petrelli).

Caspar takes 2010 HRG to the blast site and takes away the rest of his memories and we see the events that unfolded in episode one. In the hospital, past HRG wanted Rene to do it but his present self says to use Caspar instead. I guess it’s possible that in the original 2010 timeline HRG went to Rene’s office and instructed The Haitian to also bring him to the blast site. Does this mean that the mental manipulator might be alive in 2015 or would past HRG eventually try to go to him anyways to retrieve his memories?

Speaking of alive or dead, we leave Hiro this episode battling the Harris clones powerless and much older since he stayed with Nathan and Anne for the last 16 years. 2015 HRG had found them still living in 2010 through Molly’s ability (who was actually tracking Nathan). We discover that Nathan knew all about his destiny, spoke Japanese, and even took a side trip to see Angela and Malina with his maternal grandfather (though his twin didn’t know it). It’s also explained that Nathan and his adoptive mom went on the run because Renautas found out that Hiro was in Odessa. He tells his son to teleport Caspar and Anne out of there while he finished his fight. Nathan follows orders but is desperate to return for his father. Anne then asks Caspar for help and the man scrubs the boy’s memory clean of anything relating to Hiro HRG, Angela, Malina, Renautas, and his destiny. This ties in to the beginning of the season when Tommy knew nothing.

So the good guys are supposed to wait until 2015 before Malina and Tommy/Nathan can reunite and save the world, but couldn’t he still possibly absorb her powers? There must be some way of preventing that from happening in the present that we’ll find out about soon enough. Also I’m kind of hoping that Hiro gains some of his power back now that he’s separated from his son and survives the battle with Harris, though that is probably a long shot.


You can catch Heroes Reborn on NBC, Thursdays 8/7 central.

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