Hellcat’s New Superhero Murder Mystery Solo Comic Series is to Die For!

This new Hellcat series is dropping in March care of Christopher Cantwell and Alex Lins


Remember in Christopher Cantwell’s Iron Man, when Hellcat was set up for bigger and better things? Well, he’s about to show us what Patsy Walker can do with an Eisner-nominated writer at commanding her transformation!

Coming in March, Hellcat is a five-issue story from Cantwell with art by Alex Lins, of New Mutants and Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood fame. After Patsy was forced to deal with her troubled past in Iron Man, she’s become a more fully realized superhero in this comic that’s very much, a love letter to Hellcat’s rich and exceptional comic book history.

“It’s been so rewarding to go even deeper with Hellcat in this new miniseries, and work so closely with Alex Lins on this book,” Cantwell said in a Marvel press release. “I feel like Patsy was a great voice of conscience and groundedness in Iron Man, but we also hinted at some internal struggles and lingering darkness within her, which we explored even more in our Iron Man/Hellcat Annual issue this summer. But now, I think we’re really harnessing the full power of her character in her own story, and finally unifying all these disparate pieces of her Marvel history—from her since-retconned cheery teenage years, to her time in the romance genre, to her ground-level heroing and vigilante days, to her more supernatural exploits—into one cohesive and definitive HELLCAT tale. This book is first and foremost a noir murder mystery—it’s got grit and doesn’t pull punches—and this is Patsy looking into the darkness she’s struggled with throughout her entire life in order to see how much of it still remains in her soul.”

“The first project I did with Chris was Moon Knight: Black, White and Blood and I quickly realized that he was that amazing kid in the playground that not only has the best ideas, but also the ones that invite everyone in to play with his toys,” Lins added. “He writes in such a visual way that opens things up for artists to contribute and feel part of the process. His stories are well paced, clever, and BIG on imagery so as an artist, you can’t ask for much more! From deeply broken character scenes to Hellcat fighting up some unsung super villains, this series has it all. I sense I might get to draw that CREEPY little bunny from Iron Man/Hellcat Annual so that would be a highlight in my career.”

In the newest Hellcat, our hero’s been framed. She’s on the case in a thrilling mystery that sees her come face-to-face with a fan-favorite Sleepwalker, but things don’t exactly start off great. Now on the West Coast living in a house…with a ghost, that’s also her mother, when the murder of a friend makes life somehow, worse, when Hellcat is singled out as the prime suspect!

Honestly, it’s a lot, defending your innocence while avoiding the authorities. Not to mention the ghostly menace of the Sleepwalker. The icing on the cake? Patsy’s demonic ex-Daimon Hellstrom rears his devil horns. Talk about a bad moon rising…


Hellcat #1 of 5





On Sale 3/15

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