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‘Friends’ Will Be There for Us on Netflix in 2015

Could this BE any more exciting?

For “Friends” fans, not so much.

Netflix announced today all 10 seasons of the classic sitcom will be up for streaming beginning Jan. 1. That’s 83 non-stop hours of Central Perk, “Smelly Cat” and Ms. Chanandler Bong to kick your 90s nostalgia into overdrive.

The NBC comedy has enjoyed a steady syndication schedule for years, keeping Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica and Joey a consistent presence on our TV screens whether we’ve been on a break or not. But the Netflix news marks the first time “Friends” has been available for true binge-watching consumption.

Considering HBO’s groundbreaking deal to unveil a stand-alone streaming service next year, it looks like TV as we once knew it really is a moo point.

Put all your roommate’s clothes on at once and watch The Rembrandts’ special “Friends” announcement:

Images courtesy of NBC, Netflix and YouTube

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