Filming Wraps on ‘A Discovery of Witches’ Series 1

Filming wrapped on Sky One and NOW TV’s A Discovery of Witches, based on the popular novel of the same name by author Deborah Harkness. Starring Teresa Palmer as witch Diana Bishop and Matthew Goode as vampire Matthew Clairmont, the series follows an alchemical historian (Bishop) who has been running away from her magical heritage since the horrific death of her parents. Her world changes though as she comes upon an enchanted manuscript that every supernatural creature seems to want and finds an unlikely protector in a vampire geneticist (Clairmont).

The series will air later on this year in the UK and Ireland. Currently there hasn’t been a U.S. broadcaster tied to the project yet.

Here’s a delightful teaser that was released last year that I may or may not have watched 100 times already…

Sky One’s official synopsis:

What happens when a witch and a vampire fall in love? History professor and closet witch Diana Bishop and geneticist and secret vampire Matthew Clairmont find out when they are thrown together in pursuit of the truth behind a strange manuscript found in the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Library. 

The cast and crew have been sharing tons of behind the scenes looks and we can’t wait to see the show on the small screen.

Watch Palmer and Goode announce the series 1 wrap.

In additional news, if you’re obsessed with the novels like me, Harkness announced the latest addition to the world of All Souls called Time’s Convert, set to be released in September 2018. This book will be focusing on Matthew’s vampire son Marcus.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Set in contemporary Paris and London, and the American colonies during the upheaval and unrest that exploded into the Revolutionary War, a sweeping story that braids together the past and present.

On the battlefields of the American Revolution, Matthew de Clermont meets Marcus MacNeil, a young surgeon from Massachusetts, during a moment of political awakening when it seems that the world is on the brink of a brighter future. When Matthew offers him a chance at immortality and a new life, free from the restraints of his puritanical upbringing, Marcus seizes the opportunity to become a vampire. But his transformation is not an easy one and the ancient traditions and responsibilities of the de Clermont family clash with Marcus’s deeply-held beliefs in liberty, equality, and brotherhood.

A passionate love story and a fascinating exploration of the power of tradition and the possibilities for change, Time’s Convert will delight fans of the All Souls trilogy and all readers of magic, the supernatural, and romance.

September can’t come fast enough!

Nicole C
Nicole C
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