DC FanDome ‘Stargirl’ Season 2: Dancing Around The Zoom

As part of Part 2 of the DC FanDome event, The Stargirl panel let audiences get to know the cast and creator better before revealing details about Season 2

Stargirl was a surprising hit this Summer. Created by former DC executive Geoff Johns, every episode we’ve reviewed here was sentimental, sweet, and thoroughly surprising; with fantastic representation for women of color as superheroes in both Anjelika Washington (Doctor Mid-nite) and Yvette Monreal (Wildcat).

The original Stargirl TV series debuted on DC Universe. Seen as a fish-out-of-water tale about a teenaged girl moving into a small midwestern town—whose history coincidentally was tied to both the JSA and ISA leagues of Superheroes/villains—Stargirl is a story about family and legacy, set to return on the CW11 for 2021.


DC FanDome Part 2: Stargirl Panel

Famous actress Lea Thompson, who directed the midseason episode: “Shiv Part One,” moderated the panel for the Stargirl discussion. Featuring a chat with much of the main cast (minus Luke Wilson), the panelists wore their own, “Doctor Mid-nite,” goggles and did roundtable (for zoom anyway) discussions. Revealing little-known facts regarding the creators and crew.

  • Stargirl creator and former DC CCO Geoff Johns revealed how much of the character of Pat’s hobbies are based on much of himself. Details such as Pat’s love of cooking, and his knowledge of cars.
  • Brec Bassinger revealed something serendipitous in that she was born the same month Stargirl released.
  • Amy Smart revealed that she was a former ballerina for ten years and that her character Barbara, is named after Geoff’s mom.
  • Yvette Monreal revealed Brec and Anjelika had once gone apartment hunting and revealed how the trio had become good real-life friends.
  • Cameron revealed that he’s an environmental conservationist who plans on visiting every national park. He also shared in a funny tidbit, how he regretted beating up a sad faced pickle Grundy, the CGI stand-in for his final episode fight scenes.
  • Finally, Anjelika Washington reveals how she and Brec roomed together and are going to again this season. She also shared that she and Cam are big Hamilton fans, like most of us during pandemic.
  • Food, coffee, and dancing are how the majority of the teens spend their time on-set.
  • Also, apparently Anjelika and Cameron often visited Neil and Chris’ apartment (The actors playing Brainwave Senior and Sportsmaster) to use their pool.

Season 2 Reveals

While there weren’t too many big spoilers, most of the major details revealed were by Geoff Johns himself. Mostly, that Stargirl and Shiv will definitely duke it out again and expand on their rivalry this upcoming season. Solomon Grundy is also confirmed to be returning in Season 2. That the villain revealed in the finale, Eclipse will also play a major role in the story. Finally, the original Doctor Mid-nite’s Hootie, along with the pink pen, will be featured again at some point in the future.

What What You Like to See With Your Character?

Was the final question of the panel. Giving audiences some juicy answers:

  • Anjelika: wants more love stories this season.
  • Yvette: wants to see what happens with Yolanda’s family after what happened.
  • Brec: wants more rivalry with Shiv.
  • Cameron: Wants more time exploring his relationship with his dad, He wants to deal with confronting his father and who he is in compared to what his father wanted him to be.



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