‘Dark Matter’: Is [SPOILER] Really Dead?

We’re talking a major character death from the first two episodes of Dark Matter season 2 so obviously there are some spoilers. FYI.

The first two episodes of Dark Matter’s second season have been BANANAS. I’ve been critical of some aspects of the show in the past but I’m afraid if it continues in its current direction, I’ll have to eat my shirt. Dark Matter is amazing sci-fi television, full of suspense, action, and really, really good characters. However, there’s one numbered character whose time on the show might have been cut short.

In the first episode of the season, One, Derrick Moss, was given a reprieve from jail time due to the fact that he’s not the criminal Jace Corso (despite his changed face) and because he’s CEO to his father’s corporation, CoreLactic Industries, so he’s got them good lawyers and shit. However, at the end of the episode, One was acting a bit paranoid, concerned that someone, like the acting CEO of his company, wanted him dead and he didn’t know who he could trust. He tells Six: 

“If anything it’s woken me up. It made me realize the danger of being too trusting.”

Understandable, especially given that Six is responsible for the crew of the Raza’s newfound Prison Break scenario. One is determined to find out what really happened in the murder of his wife while being more skeptical of those around him. And yet, despite his stirring revelation, at the end of episode one, One opens the door to his cushy rental room and in walks Jace Corso, set on murder and revenge. Pew pew. One is dead. Long live Her Majesty Two.

But is One really dead? Is that the last we’ve seen of the whiny Derrick Moss?

In an interview with showrunner Joseph Mallozzi, The TV Fanatics had this to say:

The TV Junkies: A gunshot wound to the head seems pretty definitive, but can you officially confirm that One, at least as we know him, has died?

Joseph Mallozzi: I can confirm that.

With controversies over dead characters on TV shows in the past, and with Game of Thrones straight up lying to us for like nine months, I’m a little skeptical of when a showrunner “confirms” a character’s death. Because I’m obsessively thorough when it comes to the media I consume, let’s go over the possibilities for One’s death:

There are a few arguments to be made here for what could have happened to Derrick Moss. A clone seems like too easy a way out and even with Moss’s money, we know that the technology for long-term clones just isn’t available. As we saw last season with Six, when killed, clones simply explode into a pile of glitter dust.

dark matter clone death
Pictured: Six’s clone death in season 1, episode 8.

This doesn’t happen with Moss, but with camera angle trickery and deception, maybe it occurs later and we, as viewers, don’t see it. It does take a few moments for Six’s clone in season one to completely disintegrate. Moss making use of a clone is a slight possibility but one that seems too obvious for a show that has stated it isn’t afraid to kill off its main characters. However, the option is still there, which could make for an interesting stand-off should One/Corso try to return to the Raza. 

Then there’s the possibility of a role reversal. Could it be that Moss somehow tricked Corso into breaking into his room to steal goods and then showed up as Corso to kill him? Therefore setting the stage for his own escape from the corporation that also wants him dead? It’s a plot that would take a lot of fast ingenuity on the part of Moss and frankly, I don’t think he has that kind of wit in him. Moreover, given that Moss is dressed in the same outfit between scenes and his demeanor is similar to the one we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from Moss, I think it’s clear that he was the one killed.

Dark Matter One

So we’re left with one real possibility: One is dead.

But what does this mean for Dark Matter? After episode two the crew of the Raza has escaped imprisonment and they’ve picked up a few new members, but what will they do once they’ve learned the fate of One?

Joseph Mallozzi has said: 

“You’re going to have to wait another four episodes or so. They’re not going to let that lie. The first step is that they have to find out that One is dead. Next they have to find out the circumstances of his death, who did it and then they have to go after that person. All of that will happen in Season 2.”

So then the big question here, if we truly the believe the “he’s dead statement, why have One make a grand revelation about who to trust and moving forward?

Because of who he talks to: Six.

Six is a character struggling with loyalties and as we saw in episode two, he doesn’t know quite who to trust, but ultimately decides on helping the crew of the Raza, and he gets fatally wounded for it. However, putting him in stasis keeps away the only person who could call Corso’s inevitable bluff to get back on the crew. If I had to guess, I’d say that Corso is about to become a villain for the crew and the only one who could prove that he isn’t One is sleeping away his injuries.

RIP One. I can’t say I’m all that sad to see you go, but I am interested in watching how your death affects the other characters on Dark Matter, especially Three. Even more, I’m over-the-moon excited to see Marc Bendavid play more Jace Corso, whatever that might mean for crew of the Raza.

Just keep my baby Five safe, OK? (And I’m really digging newcomer Nyx, so keep her safe too, kthxbai.)

Dark Matter airs Fridays on Syfy at 10pm EST.

Jen Stayrook
Jen Stayrook
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  1. Best show on tv period. I am finding myself obsessing over it. There is nothing that I don’t like about it. I miss it so much during the week I watch the last episodes at least 5 times again to satiate me. I just count my way through the week for Friday. I just hope against hope that more folks discover this show and bump it up over 3,000,000 so we can have a real series run. X files got nine seasons thankfully, Fringe got a very satisfying 5, so I am hoping for at least five possibly 10. Continuum really ran out of substantial story although I really liked it. Dark Matter has story potential for at least 10.

    • Honestly, the best show on TV?? I like it, but it’s relatively low-budget – and thoroughly in the not-so-highly-regarded “Canadian Film” and “Canadian Actors” camp. You can hear their accents through the ones they are supposed to have on the show, very frequently.

      It’s also very silly and unrealistic at times. I mean, One’s whole character and plot were just totally thrown away – with no resolutions for his character arc, shallow as it was, and became essentially “oh he randomly was murdered and then his murderer was randomly murdered – no questions asked, OR answered!

      It, unfortunately, still has too many hallmarks of cheap Canadian production and the often “worst in the business” SyFy channel stench on it… don’t get me wrong, though, the show is decent overall considering the above. I actually do like it enough to keep watching… but The Expanse, Game of Thrones, and MANY others in the Sci-Fi / Fantasy genre are far more well-made… in every way.

      Again, I do enjoy it mostly, and it’s got some neat ideas in it. Too bad it was help back by such lackluster actors, writers and directors – AND BUDGET.

      Believe me, this show is going to turn into ridiculous SyFy drivel in no time. Season 2 is already proving that. I would LOVE to be wrong about that though.

      At least we have The Expanse – which, so far, is trending to be the greatest Sci-Fi TV show since Battlestar Galactica, possibly even better if they keep it together over its run. Which would then make it the best “Space Sci-Fi” show ever made, IMO, by far. Only things like Westworld, which I can only describe as being Sci-Fi, but not really, can be described as a better show… but it’s not a space sci-fi drama, so it’s not as easy to compare.

  2. Even though characters like One sometimes get annoying but i still liked the guy more than most in this show,
    plus him dying like that was really stupid IMO,
    I would be disappointed if he is not going to come back but yet ! i would be disappointed if it was just a clone or something stupid to bring him back too …
    so i guess i just see what the show got for us 😀
    Fortunately, years ago since Game of Throne Season 1 I Learn to not rage or get sad over any favorite character xD

  3. I cant believe they just killed off One like that. He was not only an integral part of the group but he also played an important part in the group dynamic itself. He wasnt some side character. He was part of the main cast and together with Two and Three, a decision maker. I mean Five is a kid, Six is undercover and not interested in leadership and Four is sort of always doing his own thing. One was a major player and he provided a nice counterbalance to the criminal elements on the show and most importantly, his story line wasnt done. There was his past, Jace Corso, his company, the CEO, the mysterious death of his wife as well as his relationship to the crew members. To pull the plug on him like that is just really bizarre.

    They did noth themselves and the character a huge disservice by ending it like that.

    I sincerely hope the rest of the season wont turn into a “whodunit” plot. I love this show but killing off One like that was a bad call.

  4. He’s a rich industrialist and he already said don’t trust anyone. I think he knew someone in his company was after him. I think honestly he was planning for the setup. He’s going to lay low and then come after Corso and find out who in the company hired him to kill him and his wife. I think he alive still some how.

    • Yes! Think about it guys – he’s one of the wealthiest people in the Galaxy, he had just been tied up and was going to be tortured and killed by Jaco;, but somehow he had zero security around him? I call bullsh**. Unless he was a moron with the IQ of a rodent with special needs; he is not dead . It was an Android that Jace shot, because One knew damn well he was coming after him. (The kinda have that technology, and certainly he would have access to ‘illegal’ tech…

  5. After watching episode 3, one is dead… At least Derrick moss is. The crew will go after Corso now and with the events of episode 3, Restoration of their saved memories, they will implant moss’s saved memories into Corso.

  6. Or One is working with Corso. Corso is interested in money. One was a billionaire. Why kill him and not take his place? They looked exactly a like so who would be the wiser. That made no sense. What if they were working together. Also clones blow up, but they also have to look like their counterpart. Jake Corso and One had different DNA, so the clone theory is impossible. He might have had a robot, they do look a like and on short order, but his manners were the same. So what if Jake Corso and he switched places, and One killed Jake to take his place. Name a better way to weed out the murderer of your wife, and finding the truth about why she died, and who killed her, than taking the identity of a murdering, psychopath, and criminal. People love to claim One was pathetic, and whiny, but One was also dangerous at times. Just ask Four. He had a conscience about innocent people, but he was still side by side with the rest of the crew during every fire fight. He has killed at least 20 people so far. So him killing a bunch of traitors who murdered his wife, and Jake Corso would be up his alley.

    • I like the idea here, but let’s face it, One isn’t a murderer. I like the idea of him using Corso’s identity to learn what happened to his wife, but I’m afraid it might be up to the crew of the Raza to solve that mystery. Or maybe that mystery finds them. Who knows? As for Corso not taking One’s place. I’ve no idea. Maybe he thought they’d do a DNA test and his cover would be blown. Maybe he already has enough money and that’s a dangerous situation. Maybe he knows who hired him to kill Moss and he doesn’t want to get any further into that danger than he already is. We know there are a lot of dark parts of Dark Matter, especially with the corporations, so there’s a ton to speculate on.

  7. Hi guys.

    I think we can definitely rule out the clone theory. As stated before, the clone used DNA and doesn’t reproduced out of the cuve any face replacement. Or it should have a clone of Jace Corso himself… But with the mind of one?….

    For there is only 2 possibilities:

    – One is dead period. As the show keeps going, we will learn more on each characters but advenging One will be what moves the whole crew and then even getting revenge for his dead wife along the line.

    – The other hypothesis is founded on the fact that Jace Corso killing One himself bothers me a little.
    Why? He could have done it but miss the occasion and he didn’t seem to grieve a lot about it. Plus know that it widely known that One isn’t really him (Jace Corso), he doesn’t have to fear facing One’s trouble (at least when One is murdered it doesn’t make sense.

    Someone could have hired him specifficaly but why? He could have been anywhere in the galaxy, so any hired gun could have done the job.

    So it makes more sense, if One was the one who hired Jace to help him vanish. Jace is the only other criminal that he knows enough to call out. For Jace it’s just about money. Another murder won’t make a difference on his file and the money would definitly be here.

    If people think One is dead, then he can move freely to continue his investigation.

    If the crew is bend on revenge then they should cross path sooner that later.

  8. This show is very interesting. At first I underestimated the show would be not as good as I thought. But, I was wrong. This show makes me wanna keep digging of what will happen next and more. And in the first episode of season 2, I was a lil disappointed finding out that one of the main role will be no longer playing. One is one of my fav character besides Five and Two. And I’d really like to see that character more on the show, I was wondering how would the relationship with Two be goinna be in this season 2. But, the show must go on. Let’s hope that this show will be more and more interesting as it goes.

  9. I like how the story goes, a dark (grey???) matter it is. I guess One will show up in later episodes as his death scenario is a means to avoid the corporation and One can work a way to uncover who really was behind his wife’s murder. He did not know whom to trust in s2e1, he should have planned something to protect himself. Besides, the story goes dull without a love interest between One and Two flourish throughout the show. Hope they bring back One as his character needed (justifiably) to tone down the bad side of Two.

  10. One was the conscience, the moral center, of the crew of the Raza. His role in convincing the others to change and to do good things when given a second chance at life—his role was critical. I am very sorry to see him killed and removed from the show. None of the new characters introduced are in the least bit interesting, compared to him. Killing One was, in my opinion, a foolish and unnecessary decision on the part of the directors.

    But . . .

    A couple things give me hope that One will return: When Six visited him, One kept saying “Something doesn’t feel right.” I don’t think he meant just about the political machinations in his father’s corporation: I think it may not have been One, somehow, that was killed because—

    One also said that he had learned not to be so trusting. My hope is that he learned that lesson indeed, and that he had a plan to save himself.

    Perhaps it was One who hired Jake Corso to come and kill him, not the corporation or anyone else. Perhaps there is some elaborate plan at work here that will, at a critical moment, become clear.

    I hope so.

    I will be disappointed in this show if they don’t bring back the character who made it make moral sense.

  11. On Dark Matter, technology reigns …
    One could ‘have anything that he wanted’ with his unlimited resources.
    He knew that he was in danger.

    I am thinking that he has faked his death and had it announced to be able to investigate the family company.
    He may have another identity now: he did it once before.

    [I hope to have a personal website by the end of the year.]

  12. And then there’s alternate dimensions and time travel to consider. It’s science fiction. There are a billion ways One could come back. No one is ever truly dead on these shows unless the guys in charge want to make some kind of point.

  13. i had thought they were going to capture Corso and wipe his memories to create a new “one” but that didn’t happen. it wasn’t a copy as it didn’t disintegrate so it’s looking as of episode 6 that One is dead. Certainly in this tv reality however they do have the ability to clone a body and his personality is in the computers data base so anything is possible.

  14. Here’s a scenario for you all. One, being the head of a major Corporation and having the money to do so, hires someone else to alter their face to look like Corso. With his doppelgänger in place he can wait and see what fate the corporation heads have for him. The double is murdered in his place so he must again change his own looks once again to hide until he figures out a way to safely take over. This gives the network a chance to bring in a new face, but still be that same “good guy” character we’ve all come to know and trust.

  15. well season 2 came to an end … And ONE my fav character didnt show his face….. hope that the writers of this super sci-fi show can learn from there mistake and hopefuly bring the character back in season 3……pleaseeeeeeeee…

  16. dissapointed that they killed of Jace/Derek. Really liked Jace (one) and Marcus (three) and the friendship they were sort of having. It´s sad to see a charachter go. Anyone that knows if Marc wanted of the show? I hope they bring One (Jace/Derek dosen´t matter) back in season 3!!

  17. When I realized One was dead for sure, I walked away from the show, and I am never coming back. The only reason I am reading this article is to find out if the show creators really were better than this. That was just brutal writing, and it felt like a punch in the gut from the show creators, as though they were taking intense pleasure in punching a loyal fan (I mean I LOVED this show’s 1st season and COULD NOT WAIT for the 2nd season). I started the 2nd season, and I just decided to forget the end of the 1st season and imagine these guys working out their lives the only way possible for them: according to the pattern of the 1st season. I can’t stand it when writers do this stuff, but they seem more and more intent on doing it to everything I fall in love with. When I started watching this show, I was in awe because I really cared about every character! That is so rare now! But every time… every single time… show gets canceled or written into a slow death. And Nyx bothers me me a lot. She’s one of those characters that leeches of the characteristics of the others by being better at what they are good at without adding anything unique of her own (at least that’s how she is in the first two episodes). That also is very bad writing. I don’t understand… 🙁

  18. I liked dark matter in the beginning but it got stupid the rest of the story. Why kill one off it should have been 3 who got killed off . One and two made a cute couple and it probably would have alot more veiwer that probably would keep the series alive and going .

  19. An other thing that I think spoils the show is two and three make out and threes wife is in a pod on the ship alive . I think sometimes these writers make mistakes and regret it after they realize they killed the tv series. It happens alot first series are good and then not .

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