‘Killjoys’ Recap: The Great Wall of Westerly

Killjoys Season 2,
Episode 2: “Wild, Wild, Westerly”
Air Date: July 8, 2016

In this week’s Killjoys we find out Old Town’s current state, Alvis and Pawter’s status, D’Avin rejoins the team officially, and Pree reclaims his domain.

First thing’s first, Team Awesome Force heads to the RAC to request D’Avin (Luke Macfarlane) be added back onto the team roster when a certain familiar person (who was stabbed last season) greets them. Turin (Patrick Garrow) ends up getting body slammed onto the table as the trio suspects that the only way he survived Khlyen’s (Rob Stewart) blade was by becoming a level 6 himself. But they see that he’s still a bleeder too and ease up. The senior RAC agent claims that Khlyen and his men left and that their organization is clean again but I highly doubt that. Whoever the level 6 agents are working for they don’t seem the type to just pack up and leave when they’ve invested so much in the RAC.

Turin doesn’t believe Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) when she says that she doesn’t working for Khlyen of course. Still they ask for D’Av to added back to their group officially and the other man says sure why not. The trio then ask for a warrant into Old Town because they need to get a friend out, but it looks like there’s only one active warrant and it’s not a pretty one. Turin eventually gives in to what they want and tells them to get out of his house. Considering everything that happened between him and Team Awesome Force, it’s surprising there wasn’t more interrogating and that he gave in so easily.

Before entering into Old Town, they are met with the containment wall and are scanned for their identities. We finally get a good look at Pree’s (Thom Allison) warlord headshot, which features the man with fancy blond locks and his full name (it’s Prima Dezz). As alarms go off because of the barkeep’s status, they are all laser stunned before being able to get back inside Lucy (Tamsen McDonough). The four wake up hanging by their arms inside a spa-like facility called Spring Hill, a bio dome the Company set up outside of Old Town. Their host is Officer Liam Jelco (Pascal Langdale), the man who put up their warrant. Jelco informs them that one of the Company’s ships was recently shot down and crashed in Westhole Prison. Their warrant is to get the 8 prisoners that escaped the blue unit within the prison (where the Company holds their most dangerous political prisoners). However their top priority is a man named Tarren Tighmon who had once been the head of the minors’ union before he gunned down the Company’s reps.

Killjoys - Season 2
Old Town has gone from bad to worse. Before the bombing it was already struggling and run down, but now poverty is rampant and people are barely surviving. Pree quickly hears music being played and they discover that it’s coming from The Royale. A douche looking man has taken over and so Dutch decides to fight him while D’Avin goes upstairs in hopes of finding Pawter and Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) works on scanning the room for facial recognition of their targets. Naturally she manages to kick the guy’s ass and the younger Jaqobis brother finds one of their marks. Unfortunately said mark kills himself, refusing to reveal Tighmon’s location (but he does reveal that the other 7 are holed up inside the prison). D’Av also returns and says that Pawter isn’t there. Pree then volunteers to find Pawter (Sarah Power) and Alvis (Morgan Kelly) so they can go handle their warrant.

The threesome head to the prison where it is decrepit and seemingly abandoned. They can’t help but wonder what happened there upon seeing mummified bodies inside the cells. Soon a thoroughly relieved Company guard greets them with hugs since he’s been hiding for his life since the outbreak. The killjoys discover that Tighmon took all the weapons as well as a spare tank of deadly gas that was responsible for the mummies. They report back to the Company officer who tells them to do their jobs and kill the former miner.

Team Awesome Force get word of Pawter’s location and seek her out for help with their mummy situation. The doctor fills them in on how bad it’s been since the bombing as they’ve run out of medical supplies and the injured only continue to grow. She examines the body and determines that the chemical basically forced rapid dehydration and the only way to survive it would have been to drink a whole lake. If they wanted a second opinion though they could ask a Company officer. Hills! Hills Oonan is still alive and has been hiding out with Pawter since everyone wants to kill him. He confirms the Qreshi’s assessment and also says that Tighmon and Alvis go way back.

Next step is to find Alvis, which they do in an alleyway where he is beating up a local (who decided to throw the first punch). Dutch asks what that was all about and the scarback explains that he’s been trying to help Pawter get medication for patients in whatever way he can (his victim had some meds). It seems that he’s is in a dark place right now since the Company has been spreading lies that he was to blame for the bombing in hopes that the people of Old Town would kill him for them. But Alvis never lets Dutch down and he is able to take them to Tighmon for a meeting.

The scarback and former assassin are allowed in but the Jaqobis brothers are forced to remain outside. The miners’ defacto leader want his people’s families to be allowed out of Old Town and in exchange they can have him and the gas. Dutch tries to explain that she doesn’t speak for the Company and she’s only here to serve her warrant but the man doesn’t care because somebody has to speak for them. Suddenly Tighmon is shot from behind by a drone and the place erupts into chaos. Cleverly, the Company put trackers on the killjoys so that they could kill the rebellious upstart. Dutch and Alvis make their getaway (with the gas in tow) then meet up with D’Av and Johnny outside.

Dutch confronts Jelco on her communicator and demands to be let out because their warrant is complete but he still wants the gas. Calling her bluff, he announces to the citizens of Old Town that anyone who delivers to him the killjoys will have a ticket out of there and will be able to resettle in Leith. As they are now being hunted themselves, Team Awesome Force head into The Royale where Pree ushers them down the secret tunnel (same one they used to get out Old Town last season). Johnny is to get Hills and Pawter then meet them down there, but the duo have gone to Spring Hill themselves.

Killjoys - Season 2

Hills decides to turn himself in with hope that Pawter’s mom can bail him out if the situation got bad. He agrees with Johnny that she should reach out to her family to get the 9 involved in saving Old Town. Jelco though greets the Qreshi doctor warmly and seems to view her as some kind of prize animal to keep in his pretty cage. Pawter demands a private call with her mother and a ship to Qresh but is outright refused. He tells her that Hills should have told her about the bombing on the other planet and so he is protecting her via confinement. Then he shoots the older man point blank and says that they’ll take good care of her. I can’t believe Hills went out like that, so sudden and unexpected. RIP.

Alvis leads D’Av and Dutch through the tunnels to a section where the sewage and air filtration system of Spring Hill lay. But the scarback decides to lock himself inside that room in order to release the deadly gas and kill everyone in the biodome. Dutch pleads for him not to do this because he isn’t a mass murderer yet it falls unto deaf ears. Johnny arrives at the last second though and says that Pawter and Hills are upstairs trying to convince the 9 to help Old Town, which changes Alvis’ mind. Unfortunately its too late and his only option is to physically yank the tank out out before the deadly fumes can flow up and as a result he breathes it in. The transformation is crazy fast and big kudos to the vfx team. Johnny is able to unlock the door and D’Av goes inside the room thanks to the mask from the Westhole guard. He tackles Alvis into a vat full of water and semi-drowns him so that the scarback is forced to drink. Once the air is clear Dutch comes inside as well and helps D’Av keep Alvis down. While the monk’s face looks normal, he isn’t breathing and so Johnny and Dutch perform CPR and that thankfully works.

Back in Spring Hill, the killjoys deliver the gas and learn that the Company is still there mainly to make an example of Old Town because their rebels attacked Qresh and made the 9 look weak. This is apparently all about image management because the whole Quad is watching. Jelco plans to make the locals miss the good old days when they had food, water, and honest work so that they’ll tell anyone thinking about rebelling that they need the Company and that the Company is good. When that happens, that will be the day he takes down his wall. EVIIIIIIL. Johnny says that they aren’t leaving without Hills and Pawter. Jelco says that Oonan has a headache and that they can say goodbye to Seyah Sims.

A dolled up Pawter enters and explains that she’s a guest of the Company now and that’s a good thing since she can do more from in here. Without warning Johnny kisses her with a surprised D’Av and Dutch watching. I am totally feeling their chemistry. He bids her to stay safe and the three killjoys depart. Cleverly, he planted a com on her neck while they locked lips so that if she ever needed him he’d be there.

At The Royale, Pree shows his own badass side as he stabs the temporary occupier of his place on the hand. This guy can’t seem to learn anything though since he’s already had his ass kicked by both Dutch and Pawter but decides he wants more anyways. It’s great though to see the barkeep back in his domain because the people of Old Town definitely need some joy and hope in their lives. Somehow The Royale has power and alcohol still available (how was it not fully looted is a miracle). In a good mood, Pree extends happy hour all night long.

Killjoys - Season 2

Back on Lucy, Dutch asks Alvis to make things up to her by coming with them to Arkyn although he claims that there haven’t been any scarbacks there in 200 years. She says that she’s looking for the truth because there’s something brewing in the Quad and she believes it started there. All of a sudden the ship is being pulled back to Westerly and the team is unable to manually override Lucy, plus she won’t talk to them. D’Av thinks that Khlyen is behind it but surprise it’s Turin!

The senior RAC agent explains that he had to bring them somewhere safe to chat and that he lied about the RAC being clean. It’s been entirely compromised by the level 6 program and he doesn’t know what their purpose is. He also tells them that Red 17 has been cleansed with Khlyen’s people bombing the crap out of it after they left. He offers a kind of truce where in he’ll give them leads that he’s found but can’t pursue since he’s being watched. Looks like they’ve got to play nice since the enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that.

This episode took us back into Old Town where we saw the aftermath of last season’s catastrophic bombing and saw the depths of the Company’s cruelty. Jelco as a new evil player in town is interesting as his presence there can’t merely just be about damage control. There’s got to be something more going on that we just don’t know about yet, maybe involving the sinister tank of gas! Turin’s surprise return was welcomed as he may prove to become an ally to Dutch and the boys considering his relentless pursuit of Khlyen, although there is a high chance that this will also get him killed. How did the RAC explain his injury anyways, accidental self-inflicted stab? Also this whole thing on Akryn with Dutch, Khlyen, D’Av and the scarbacks is intriguing.

Hopefully next week we’ll see what happened to Khlyen and Fancy as they make their way “home” wherever that is.


Killjoys airs Fridays on Syfy at 9/8 central.

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