Dancing With the Stars Review: Semi-Finals Bring a Surprise Proposal and Tears for All

This week, the Final Four went at it once again with two rounds of dancing in the Semi-Finals. Round One included either the Vietnamese Waltz, Contemporary, or Quickstep. Round Two was something the show has never done before, and something they should keep doing for sure: Judge’s Choice. Each judge chose which pair they wanted to work with for the whole week or rehearsals, and that judge took over creative control of the dance, coming up with the concept and theme, and then mentoring and coaching the pair all week-long. The judge working with the pair was not allowed to comment or judge on that pair’s dance, and so it became about the judges judging one another as well as each couple. It was an emotional week that was filled with some awesome moments, tugging at the heartstrings and making me cry like a loon. Let’s discuss what happened ……

Rumer / Val:  In Round One, the pair danced the Vietnamese Waltz to a song from “50 Shades of Grey.” Rumer played the Anastasia role, and it was an awesome, beautiful dance. Julianne said “America is falling in love with you Rumer!” Bruno called it “steamy”, like the inside of his gym shorts after a sauna. Mom Demi Moore was backstage, being all proud of her daughter. Scores were 10/9/9/10.

In Round Two, Bruno was the judge that chose to work with this pair, and what he came up with was pretty freakin’ awesome. The theme was ballet, and Swan Lake. The dance had some unbelievable lifts and gorgeous choreography. The judges loved it, with Len calling it “brilliant dancing”, and Carrie Ann saying “that was genius. Grace, beauty, and lyricism.” Scores were perfect tens all the way across.

Sharna / Noah:  Round One was the Vietnamese Waltz, and there was so much fog, I could barely see what was happening. Once the fog cleared, it became clear that Noah has turned into a really great dancer. Len thought it was his best all season long, and scores were 9 all the way across. Backstage, just as Erin Andrews began asking Noah about how he felt weeks ago when his girlfriend surprised him by showing up there when he thought she was still overseas, he started to say how much she means to him, and then he got down on one knee backstage, and asked her to marry him! By the look on the cast’s faces, who were all spread around the studio, it was obvious that this was NOT planned and that nobody on the show knew it was going to happen. Everyone was crying, including Tom Bergeron. It was such a beautiful moment and so genuine. By the way, she said yes.

Round Two was a Paso Doble , coached and conceptualized by Carrie Ann. It was powerful and told the amazing story of inspiration and overcoming obstacles. Julianne thought the story and passion were incredible, while Bruno said the execution and shaping was masterful. The pair received all ten scores.

Riker / Allison :   Round One was contemporary, and although I hate to admit it because I’m not the biggest fan of Riker, this dance was fluid and quite gorgeous. Bruno called it hardcore, much like his Tuesday night sex romp parties. Horny Carrie Ann made weird animal noises and growled a lot – literally. She said “Rawrr!!!!” Down in the dirt! Rarr!!! Arrhhh!!!” Okay, then. Julianne said she was so blown away that she couldn’t tell who was the pro and who was the student. Scores were perfect 10’s all the way around.

Round Two was the Argentine Tango with Julianne was their mentor/coach. She decided to put herself in the dance as well, or they ask her to be part of it, and so the concept was the two women fighting over the man, and he chooses Allison so that it can evolve into a dance with just the pair. The moves were sharp and precise, and I don’t know what the piece of music was, but I absolutely loved it. Len called it fantastic, and all judges loved it too. They wrapped up their night with more perfect ten’s , giving them a perfect 10 night.

Nastia / Derek:   Round One was the Quickstep, which Nastia danced with Sasha, as Derek was still injured. Horny Carrie Ann made more growling sounds and said “Grrrr!!!” Len called it terrific, and Julianne said “your guys’es connection was awesome!” Yes, and your grammar is horrid. Perfect tens for the dance – negative 3 for Julianne’s grasp of the english language.

Round Two was the Vietnamese Waltz, and their mentor and coach was Len. Derek was back and committed to doing this dance even with his injury, and Len’s concept was so touching. He told the pair how much it hurts sometimes to have grown older, and to have your body turn against you, and no longer be able to dance. His concept was for Derek to play sort of a younger version of him, and then at the end, Len himself danced the last few beats with Nastia. It was sort of about being young and being old, and the circle of life. So beautiful. Everyone was crying again, and Bruno loved the nostalgic warmth of the dance. They received perfect tens.


RESULTS SHOW:  Tuesday night’s show was elimination night, and they killed lots of time first with many pro dance performances, cast interviews, clips, and even a chat with Noah and his new fiance about the surprise proposal the night before. When all was said and done, going home was NASTIA AND DEREK, which was quite surprising. However, it could have been anyone, because they really are all very good.

So next week’s final three will be Riker, Noah, and Rumer.

Not sure who will win, but I’m thinking Rumer has the best shot, and deservingly so.

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