Big Damn Heroes Alert: Why You Need to Watch ‘Wynonna Earp’

No spoilers! I want you read this article, be intrigued, and then IMMEDIATELY go watch the first six episodes of Wynonna Earp. 

There’s a new science fiction show on the block and her name is Wynonna Earp. Oh, sure, she sounds cheesy and I’ll be honest: I thought the same thing upon hearing about it, but don’t judge a show by its cover name. Wynonna Earp is amazing television that’s part Buffy, part Supernatural, part Lost Girl, and yet, it’s truly its own thing. Brought to you by Emily Andras (Lost Girl, Killjoys), Wynonna Earp follows the titular character as she protects her home town of Purgatory from Revenants, resurrected souls of criminals originally killed by her great-great grandfather. Armed with Wyatt Earp’s gun, Peacemaker, and with the help of her sister, Waverly, Agent Dolls, and Doc Holliday, Wynonna must work to put down the 77 demons that haunt her family, for good.

wynonna earp

In true internet fashion, I’ll tell you why in easy-to-read list format, because I’m a giving soul:

It’s a fabulous twist on a well-known character

Everyone recognizes the name Wyatt Earp and what he stood for, the good guys versus the bad guys, the gunfight at O.K. Corral, you know the deal. Wynonna Earp, based on a comic book by Beau Smith (Image/IDW Publishing) of the same name, takes that well-known lawman and brings his history into the modern era, while still keeping in touch with those western roots. It isn’t stingy on the action and definitely plays heavily into Wynonna’s “shoot first, shrug and half-apologize later” attitude.

wynonna earp  wynonna earp
wynonna earp  wynonna earp

The demons are appropriately creepy and still real

Agent Dolls shows up in Purgatory as part of a supernatural task force sent to “deal” with the demons in town and because of this, the demons of Wynonna Earp give a “baddie of the week” feel to the show but it never crosses over completely into the “procedural” vibe. Without spoiling too much, there’s an overall story with a select group of demons Wynonna is after and that gives her, Waverly, and Agent Dolls a purpose each episode. These demons aren’t all just bad guys out to suck blood and rob banks (okay, some are hilarious caricatures of the genre), some are just misunderstood criminals caught in a bad situation who now face the end of Wynonna’s barrel. It creates a genuine struggle for her, deciding whether or not to end these demons for good when she knows they aren’t the ones who want her dead.

It never takes itself too seriously

In a show with supernatural elements, it’s easy for the writing to quickly head down the dark and tumultuous path where every situation is life or death for the characters. Wynonna Earp, thankfully, doesn’t do that. It recognizes that it works more as just a “natural” show that happens to have demons and immortal characters and a guy with abs like whoa. Wynonna especially serves as the comic relief, constantly making jokes at her own expense.

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This is show where one of the love interests is named “Officer Haught.” I think that explains my point rather well.

Waverly Earp

When it comes to show like Wynonna Earp, it’s easy to focus on the lead character. We think of Wynonna’s no bullshit attitude and equate that to a strong character. Waverly, despite her bubbly demeanor, is just as, if not stronger than Wynonna. Waverly knows who she is and doesn’t have to make jokes to make herself feel better. She’s a girl who has spent most of her life trying to be the hero, even when fate has told her time and time again to take a step back. She’s sweet and sees the good in people, a trait that is obviously not dominant in the Earp family line. And if you know me, you know how much I love unfaltering sister relationships. Wynonna and Waverly’s relationship is a good one.

Wynonna Earp

We have to talk about Wynonna because as much as I love the supporting cast, Wynonna is everything I love about this show. Sure, at first glance she’s that typical rough-and-tumble dark female character who keeps emotions at a distance and looks really good with a leather jacket while getting drunk, but Wynonna is so much deeper than that. She’s a reminder that girls don’t have to fit into one “mold” to be likable. She’s quirky, lonely, beautiful, aloof, angry, protective, irrational, distant, and a big fat lying liar when it comes to her feelings. Rarely does anyone get the emotional upper hand because there’s nothing anyone can say to her that she hasn’t already said about herself. Unlike Waverly, she’s less comfortable in her skin, knowing that she’s messed up a lot in her life and she has to atone for those wrong-doings, but at the same time, she owns her flaws. Wynonna is a reminder that as a woman, as a person, you don’t have to just be one thing. You can be many different things and still be true to yourself.

And my goodness she’s adorable, too.

wynonna earp  wynonna earp

If you listen to just one of my TV show recommendations this year, let it be Wynonna Earp.

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays on SyFy at 10pm EST.

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