‘Arrow’ Season 4 Trailer Shows Off Olicity, Costumes, and New Villains

The first footage from the fourth season of Arrow has finally arrived and it delivers on all fronts!

Debuting at Dragon Con, the footage shows a domesticated Oliver who has moved into a house in the suburbs with Felicity. Like all heroes before him who have tried to leave the superhero life behind, Oliver finds himself dragged back in.

This time around Oliver will have a brand new outfit and a team behind him to clean up Star City – renamed after the “death” of Ray Palmer. We all know Ray isn’t dead thanks to the Legends of Tomorrow trailer. He just became small (think Ant-Man).

Unfortunately, Diggle’s helmet makes an appearance! Poor Diggle. As hard as he tries to be taken seriously, the props department has managed to knock him down to the bottom rung of the ladder.

We also get our first look at Matt Ryan stepping back into the role of John Constantine and a look at the season’s villain, Damien Darkh.

The best surprise? The revival of Sarah Lance via the Lazarus Pool! I’m just curious if Team Arrow decided to toss her skeleton into the magical water and pray it worked.

Arrow returns Wednesday, October 7, 2015 on The CW. 


Bilal Mian
Bilal Mian
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