‘Arrow’ Review: “The Recruits”

Season 5, episode 2: “The Recruits”
Original Air Date: October 12th, 2015
Grade: C+

And with that, Arrow is officially back in session.

What a cool episode. “The Recruits” meshes the feel of Arrow‘s darker first season with the lighter, witty-lined later seasons. The producers have found the perfect mix of the two to create episode after episode of action and drama and “The Recruits” is really hyping me up for the fifth season.

It’s quite clear that the “new-and-improved” Oliver went right back into the shell of unempathetic Bratva Oliver (but who doesn’t love Bratva Oliver?). This was shown throughout the entire episode, as he failed and failed again in trying to train the new team and whip them into shape. It’s as if he didn’t already learn his lesson after trying to teach Roy with the same method.

But who could blame him?  We’re all reluctant to lose the Thea-Diggle-Laurel-Felicity-Roy-Oliver team-ups of the last few seasons. They will be missed. Every time there’s a scene with Thea in it, I’m itching for her to say she wants back in.

Speaking of Thea, she looks pretty swag sitting in that office especially if you take into account that a few years previously she was a rebellious teen who would do drugs and crash her new limousine. So much has changed. (Yeah, you know. I’m really sentimental that way.)

Image result for thea s5e2 arrow
A picture of Thea looking swag in her office.

And Diggle! He’s off overseas somewhere, and he’s gotten himself into a bit of trouble, hasn’t he? Can he come back now? (And can he keep his beard?).

Also, have you seen the most recent Flash episode? With Flashpoint in the mix, Diggle never had Sara, but instead is raising a little boy named John. John Diggle Jr. AKA, Connor Hawke (as seen in the Legends of Tomorrow episode, “Star City 2046”). I don’t know if that counts as an Easter egg, but that would be a three-way crossover Easter egg. Sick.

Sigh. I miss the old team.

The Recruits

But hey, let’s talk about the new team. Evelyn Sharp, Ray Ramirez, and finally, Curtis Holt. Chances are, this season could be the birth of Starling, Wild Dog, and Mr. Terrific (respectively). Which is pretty darn exciting. I certainly hope that soon they’ll all be in the Arrow cave together working on a classic manhunt.

“The Recruits” delves into the personalities of each of the three (although we’ve already known and grown to love Curtis). Ramirez– the hot head. Evelyn Sharp– the badass who lived to prove everyone wrong. Curtis– the peacemaker with a sense of humor. And who knows, by the end of the season, fans may learn to love the new recruits just as they loved Laurel, Diggle, Roy, Thea, and Felicity.

I really love the number of comic book characters they’re putting on the show.

Speaking of, Ragman is in town and it seems to me that he could soon be a part of Team Arrow as well! Wouldn’t that be something? (A mummy in the Arrow Cave. Huh.)On that note, here were some highlights of the episode:

  • Oliver: “They’re too green.”
    Felicity: “Some could say the same about you.”
  • Ramirez criticizing Oliver Queen as mayor while being on a Bluetooth with the Green Arrow.
  • The real life and flashback parallel about being recruited and learning teamwork. (“On the line.”)
  • Curtis being able to stick up for himself and the other recruits to Oliver.
  • Thea showing her Speedy training by jumping onto a roof IN STREET CLOTHES to eavesdrop on that AmerTek CEO
  • Lance’s decision to be deputy mayor and take control of his drinking problems
  • Um… Net Arrow? (There was a parachute arrow last episode, by the way)

So, although the plot is looking crazy, and we don’t know what’s going on just yet, I’m so excited to see what Team Arrow is going to look like this season. This episode was a wonderful introduction to all of the new characters and introduction to where the old characters are in their lives. (Not very good, by the way. Come back to Team Arrow, it’s warm and we have cookies.)

Arrow airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on the CW.

Yvonne Tang
Yvonne Tang
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