‘Archer: 1999’ Podcast Review

For the past few seasons, the critically acclaimed animated series ‘Archer’ has gone off a deep end of sorts. Originally a parody of ‘Spy Espionage’ meets ‘Arrested Development’, the show ever the years has kept its core characters yet changed its location again and again. From detective noire to Vice drug lords, and even classic Hollywood – the show is bold enough to be creative, yet smart enough to know it’s characters are what we’re tuning in for. So, this happens yet again within ‘Archer: 1999’, the season where Archer goes to space…

I talked about the first episode of ‘Archer: 1999’ in the latest episode of TV TALK over on TheWorkprint podcast. Available on iTunes and Googleplay.


And while technically, most of the last few seasons have been one horribly awful parody of what Archer sees in a coma dream – one can’t help but wonder about this one’s tone. As Archer in space feels as true to the original seasons in terms of characterization. Everyone fits their mold rather well… with the exception of Pam, who’s a giant rock monster alien this season. And while the series has always operated best as a show taken out of its place in time (often, the series feels like homages to the 50s and 60s, James Bonds and Johnny Quest, or perhaps just one big bad Mad Men parody) – Archer in Space gives us a lot of the open room to play around with these characters and sets up for your everyday space adventure of the week.

It’s a promising revitalization of a beloved series that’s pressing near its 10th season. We at the workprint have actually covered the show for years including most recently at NYCC, where I covered the exciting premiere of Archer: 1999’s first ten minutes. The cast and showrunners have definitely never let down their enthusiasm for the series and I for one, have enjoyed following the journey of Sterling, Lana, Malory, and all their misadventures.

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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