Your Story – A Visual Fantasy Novel Based on Your Choices is Out Now on Steam

Lia, a half-elf, has finally decided to leave the comfort of her family’s business and blaze her own path with you at the helm! Your Story is a touching coming-of-age tale where you guide the decisions of Lia in a quest for self-discovery that will also unearth secrets hidden around the island she calls home.

Lia’s had a pretty cozy life so far living in a crossroads inn on a secluded island. But surprise visitors and unpredictable events are about to set her off on a journey to find her place in the world.

Luckily, Lia isn’t alone in this critical moment of her life—she’s got you! As her inner voice you’ll play a pivotal role not only in the world around you but in shaping Lia’s personality. You get to decide what kind of person Lia will grow into.

Game features:

  • More than a visual novel: Here the usual visual novel elements are blended with point’n’click exploration allowing the player to come at various story arcs in any order. This will result in multiple conclusions.
  • Coming of age from an unique perspective: While Lia is the main protagonist, you, as the player, aren’t taking control over her in the normal sense. Instead, your job is to sway the occasionally angsty, sometimes happy, sporadically depressed teenager to take the best course of action.
  • Not only your story: There are various characters you will meet along the way, building relationships and uncovering secrets. The island holds many mysteries and everyone you run into has some skeletons in their closet. Still, the greatest unknown lies across the sea—nobody knows what happens beyond the shore.
  • See, hear, live…: With beautiful hand-drawn art it isn’t hard to lose yourself in this heartfelt world with Lia, the inn’s guests, and the island’s denizens. To complete the experience is a cozy soundtrack which accompanies Lia’s life presented in comic-book style panels.

Developed by GameLoad, Your Story is available on Steam for 14.99 USD. The game can be bought with a 20% discount until Jan 26th.

Check out the trailer!

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