‘Wynonna Earp’ – “I Walk The Line”: Syfy, Renew this Show Already

This week on the season finale of ‘Wynonna Earp’: Oh my god so many secrets are revealed.

Spoilers through the season finale of Wynonna Earp season one, “I Walk the Line.” If you want a preview of what’s to come, check out my interview with showrunner, Emily Andras.

There are some people who can watch a show like Wynonna Earp and then afterwards, calmly sit down and eloquently compose their thoughts in an easily readable manner. I am not one of those people.


Ahem. Now that that’s out of my system.

After “House of Memories” I wasn’t sure how Wynonna Earp would outdo itself. I mean, Nicole punched Champ, WyDolls kissed, WayHaught kissed A LOT, and Willa went off her fucking rocker. But Wynonna Earp’s season finale “I Walk the Line” definitely brought out the big guns and I’m both happy with how it ended and fucking pumped because we had BETTER get a second season. I mean, if Galavant can do it, certainly Wynonna Earp can too, right?

The episode starts where “House of Memories” left off, with Willa and Bobo getting all lovey-dovey and ready to cross the border out of the Ghost River Triangle. Willa is wildly inappropriate and it’s kind of bumming me out, but thankfully the mushy stuff comes to a quick end when she realizes she doesn’t have Peacemaker and thus, can’t break the curse just yet. 

In town and still in that dress, Wynonna is surrounded by the zombiefied townsfolk. Like the heroes they are, Doc and Dolls pick her ass up and unceremoniously toss her out the window. Definitely one of Wynonna’s more graceful moments. The two men decide to go to Shorty’s to see if there’s an antidote they can concoct (now with the aid of newly “in the know” Nicole) and Wynonna decides to head off after Bobo. 

wynonna earp 113 nicole

It’s at this moment that I realize that Wynonna, oblivious in all things, doesn’t know that Willa is involved in this apocalyptic debacle. Wynonna, girlfriend, we are going to need to teach you to read the room. And to be a little more perceptive like Wavylays who has stolen Peacemaker but then oopsy, gets chloroformed.

At the Homestead, Wynonna puts that Earp grace on full display when she tries to shimmy out of her now infamous dress. Homeboy Pete is all gross and foaming at the mouth, pissed at Wynonna for what she’s done to the town. Just as he’s about to attack, Willa shows up and whangs him over the head with a frying pan. I can appreciate that Will.I.Aint has come full circle with the whole, getting hit over the head with a heavy object thing. Willa starts to get awfully angry about Peacemaker and Wynonna doesn’t think twice about it. On a scale from 1 to Jon Snow, Wynonna’s about a 13 on the “oblivious” scale when it comes to Willa. I mean, this chick cares more about a gun than Waverly. WAVERLY, PEOPLE.

SOAPBOX TIME. It’s at this moment that I should take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to talk seriously about this relationship between Wynonna and Willa. From the beginning we’ve seen this beautiful sisterhood between Wy and Waves, and then in comes Willa with her big anime eyes and amnesia and suddenly Wynonna is a trusting soul. But the thing is, Wynonna feels wholly responsible for everything that happened to Willa. If she hadn’t accidentally killed their father, if she hadn’t been such a screw up, if she had looked harder for her sister, maybe things wouldn’t be so bad. So when Willa comes back into their lives, all cult charm and fake sweetness, Wynonna bites down on this relationship and holds on for dear life. She won’t be responsible for something happening to Willa again. Instead of looking at Willa for the danger she might possess, she looks outside at the danger that could potentially take away her sister. OF COURSE she doesn’t see Willa for who she really is, a bully, a sociopath. What reason would she have to think such things of her sister? She doesn’t have the history Waverly does with Willa. All she knows is that it’s her job to protect her family and dammit, she’s gonna do that.

wynonna earp 113 waverly willa
But a little more awareness could go a long way, Wynonna.

Wy and Willa head to the police station where Wavylays is being held hostage. Willa goes all Willa and then realizes that Waverly is the one who stole Peacemaker. The sisters get into a fight when in walks Nicole and Will.I.Aint loses all remaining cool. Everything implodes and Wynonna realizes that she has no fucking clue about ANYTHING going on with her sisters. Not only is Willa evil but Waverly is in love with Nicole, who ends up getting shot by Willa but THANK THE ALMIGHTY EARP JESUS that Nicole was wearing a bulletproof vest. WayHaught kisses, grateful they’re both safe, and the ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD swoons.

At Shorty’s, Doc and Dolls have a wee bit of a confrontation, but nothing that Dolls’ magic lavender medicine can’t fix. After getting shot, Doc drugs him up, Dolls goes all Hulk on the situation, and pretty soon the Black Badge Division will have an antidote for the town. Good. One less thing.

wynonna earp 113 dolls doc

Waverly heads to the treehouse alone to try to stop Bobo from going across the border. She knows of the two lovebirds Bobo is more likely to listen to reason. How’s that for some friggin’ insanity? Bobo tells her that he loves Willa and nothing Waverly says will stop him from being with her because he’s a swan and swans mate for life. AWWWWW. I mean, ew yuck, Gross. (I love him.)

Bobo then drops a freaking BOMB on Waverly, telling her that she isn’t an Earp.

And then I die inside. Of all the Earps, Waverly is the most Earp-like, so what the hell do you mean she’s adopted?! (I’m guessing Waverly has something to do with Mama Earp not being around but you don’t just TELL SOMEONE they’re adopted. Good grief, Bobo.)

Everyone converges on the border of the Ghost River Triangle and Bobo does his best to hold off Doc and Wynonna while Willa escapes. The plan backfires when Wynonna, the clever girl, sends a grenade right at Bobo’s angry little face.

Wynonna and Willa faceoff with Wy desperately trying to talk her older sister out of leaving Purgatory, out of opening a gate that unleashes demons and maybe even worse things on their home town. But Willa doesn’t care. She hates everyone in Purgatory. She blames them for the awful things she’s suffered. She’s so hateful that she doesn’t even care that she’s left Bobo to die. Guess Earps don’t mate for life like swans do, huh, Bobo?

Out of nowhere, Dolls shows up and shoots Willa in the stomach and I can’t decide if I love or hate him for that move. That was Wynonna’s call to make and he essentially took it from her. We know that it was unlikely Wy would kill her sister, but damn Dolls. That’s cold. Then a tentacle monster (lol wut) comes from the darkness to swallow up the Earp heir, but Wy puts her sister out of her misery with a bullet to the head.

Okay. I guess she did have it in her.

I thought the episode would end there but noooooooo. We got a lot more shit going down in the final five minutes of Wynonna Earp. Not only does Wy have a chat with the mysterious “JC” stranger, but Agent Lucado and the Black Badge Division take both Bobo and Dolls to a secure location. As the truck crosses the Ghost River Triangle, Wynonna says “fuck that shit” and shoots Bobo, mercy-killing him before the BBD can experiment on his faux hawk. Ain’t no one gonna tell Wynonna what to do. THEN (IKR?) outside the graveyard Wavylays touches the black demon goo and gets possessed and shoots at Wynonna and Doc. And the screen goes black. End season.


Random Thoughts

Oooooo Agent Lucado has some dirt on Wynonna and I wonder what the heck it is. My guess? Wynonna is a lot more intimate with the Machetes than she name-dropped last episode.

There was a lot of really good moments this episode. Wynonna and Waverly were especially on point, with Wy willing to give up everything to save her sister. GAH. I love good sister relationships!

Dolls and Doc had some fantastic moments that I didn’t even touch on because I’m rambling enough as it is and let’s face it, Wynonna is the focus here. But I especially loved Doc spilling the truth to Nicole and I can totally see the two of them kicking ass together.


Wynonna Earp needs a second season. Everyone, pitchforks at the ready. 

Jen Stayrook
Jen Stayrook
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  1. Renew a show with a 0.13 average episode rating? When a 0.00 is no snow at all? I guess ratings and standards don’t mean anything to the writer of the article. There aren’t enough people watching this show for it to be renewed. You should hope that Netflix takes it over. That’s the only way its coming back. If SYFY renewed it without any help from Netflix, it would be the lowest rated scripted show ever renewed in the history of television.

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