‘Wynonna Earp’s’ Emily Andras Teases Finale: “An Emotional Ride That’ll Leave You Craving More”

Jen chats with ‘Wynonna Earp’ showrunner, Emily Andras, about the show’s season one finale, Bobo’s fabulous coat, and who Wynonna should kiss.

Spoilers through Wynonna Earp 112, “House of Memories.” 

It’s today! The Wynonna Earp finale, “I Walk The Line” is today! Let’s all celebrate because it’s going to be awesome! And yet, it’s the end of the season so what the hell are we supposed to do with ourselves?

Well, if Wynonna Earp showrunner, Emily Andras, and I had our way, we’d all be on the streets with pitchforks campaigning for a second season. (Which seriously, Syfy, get on that shit already. Do me this solid.)

I had the chance to chat with Emily (an adorable nerd who loves squeeing with fans–find her on Twitter) about the Wynonna Earp finale, “I Walk The Line”. Naturally, she was a bit cryptic because spoilers are no fun, but let’s dissect the heck out of this interview until the finale, okay? I’m here for all of you, Earpers.

Jen: What can we expect from the finale? Will it end on a satisfying note for fans?

Emily: Oh my god. It will end on a complicated note for everybody. As for satisfying….define “satisfying.” The Oxford Dictionary defines “satisfying” as–No, I don’t know. Somethings I feel like are going to be very satisfactory for the fans. There is some nice book-ending, things we touched on in the premiere are revisited and reformed in the finale. It all comes back to the Earp sisters and their relationship and how much Wynonna has evolved.

But there are some incredibly tough times and emotional choices coming. There are some shocking surprises. So I hope it takes you on enough of an emotional ride that you’re satisfied but at the same time, desperately craving another season.

I love Bobo. I think I’ve made my affections clear. I love his darkness and anger; I love his subtle sweetness toward the Earp girls; I love the way he’s weaseled his way into my heart. Because of the way he’s protected Wynonna in the past, why at the end of “House of Memories” does he throw her under the bus, claiming to want her dead or alive? What’s his motive there?

I think Bobo has affections for Waverly Earp; I think he respects Wynonna; but I think he loves Willa. Or thinks he loves Willa and because of that, he needs her more than anyone else. You can be fond of a person, respect a person, and still think, “I will kill you to escape this prison.” And we’ve seen that with Bobo. Bobo’s goal since day one has been to get the hell out of the Ghost River Triangle. Now, what’s the biggest obstacle to Bobo getting out? Wynonna. What better way to distract Wynonna and keep her out of his hair, his fabulous faux hawk hair, than to have the entire town gunning for her head? It’s actually a really good strategy and it sends everything else her way for her to deal with and he can just leave willy-nilly.

(EDIT: More like Willa-nilly, AMIRITE? I thought of this pun too late.)

I think Bobo, whatever his feelings, thinks Wynonna can handle herself, but at the end of the day, he’s going to do what he wants to do. And what he wants more than anything is to get the hell out of Purgatory. So he’s going to do that. He’s the villain, after all.

So we can expect more of a showdown between them?

We definitely haven’t seen the final confrontation.

Is Willa possessed or is she finally just herself now? Is it Stockholm Syndrome or does she really love Bobo? (Obviously I can understand her emotions.)

It’s just the coat. She just wants to get her hands on that coat.


That coat went through a lot. You’ll have to pry it from Michael Eklund’s hands. As lovely as he is, he was pretty possessive of the coat. As he should be.

So what is the deal with Willa? I kind of like it ambiguous. We have hinted at many different Willas. Kudos to Natalie Krill for playing those different layers. We’ve seen her as the cult victim who is very innocent, the amnesiac who is angry and confused, and now she’s the plotting Patty Hearst-type figure who seems to be masterminding the whole thing. Is she actually controlling the strings or is she going along with this because of years in captivity? Beyond that, there are hints that she was trained by this insane father who was maybe an alcoholic who didn’t let her have a childhood and turned her into a killer, so maybe that affected her? AND at the same time, she seemed to be a huge bully to Waverly back in the day, so there’s that to consider as well.

What would push Willa to turn against her family? Seems like the Earps have at least some pride in who they are.

Well, right now I’d say it’s a mystery. I think that is going to be so much of what Wynonna needs to solve if she’s going to save herself and the town in the finale. I can’t really speak to Willa’s state of mind. The mystery of Willa is that she’s a combination of so many things. It’s hard to tell because we’ve seen so many facets of who she is: a bully, a victim of childhood trauma. But you know, let’s not forget that regardless, she was kidnapped at 12 and kept in a treehouse for a long, long time. And then more terrible things happened to her. So even if she is a terrible person as a result of that, shouldn’t we show her some compassion and empathy because of it? That’s not to say she isn’t a sociopath to begin with, but we don’t know yet what Willa’s true makeup is and that’s what makes her such a challenging adversary going into the finale.

I mean, let’s be honest though, craziness is kind of an Earp family trait.

Yes, crazy does definitely run in the family.

Crazy and alcoholism.

I think that is a really good point. I think that she’s not a healthy puppy–we can all agree on that–and at the very least, she’s not the shiniest spoon in the drawer.

NOW TO THE IMPORTANT BUSINESS: At the end of episode 12, we got this really juicy kiss between Dolls and Wynonna. Are we going to see them kiss again and why should she be kissing Doc instead

Oh, wow. Who do you want her to kiss?

DOC. IT’S DEFINITELY DOC. Dolls is so pretty but for right now, it’s Doc. All season I’ve wavered like a plastic bag in the wind on who to choose and I couldn’t pick! These two men are toying with my emotions!

You’re like Wynonna!


Then I’ve done my job!

That confrontation between Doc and Waverly when he’s running away and Wavylays tells him to go her and Doc sadly responds, “Difference between us is, Nicole loves you back” and I know that’s not a foundation for a healthy relationship but that just…IT BROKE MY HEART, EMILY. I just really want him to be happy.

He’s amazing. And Tim Rozon is such an incredible being he shouldn’t even exist. He’s kind, funny, and humble too, so it doesn’t get any better if you ever meet him. He is probably the biggest fan of Wynonna Earp. He will talk about this show for hours. He could give you a run for your money.

Challenge accepted.

Okay, so I’m not going to say whether or not she kisses Dolls OR Doc in the finale, but I’m going to give you reasons why she should kiss each of them, okay?

Good. I’m a big fan of kissing.

The reasons why she should kiss Doc again: Doc understands her. He is like her. He’s a broken, cursed man who sometimes pretends to be a good person, but deep down is scared he’s not. Doc and Wynonna have the same instinct and they’re connected on a cosmic level. Destiny has its heart set on them meeting and being together. He was the best friend of her great, great grandfather and that binds them in ways no one else could with her.

The reasons why she should kiss Dolls again: Dolls is the best man she’s ever met. He’s like Wyatt Earp, an incorruptible man at heart who isn’t easily swayed by her charms. But maybe, just maybe, if she can break through to him and make him love her, it will prove that she is a good person who is worthy of love.

AWWWW. Now I just want them in a threesome forever.

Wynonna Earp’s season finale airs TONIGHT on Syfy at 10pm EST. WATCH IT, NERDS. 

Jen Stayrook
Jen Stayrook
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  1. Unfortunately, the show won’t be renewed unless Netflix takes it. The episode average is a 0.13 not counting the last episode, and that is not acceptable. It’s a decent show, but not enough people are watching it. If everyone starts writing to Netflix MOW, maybe the show can be saved.

    • I’m not sure why people think Netflix is the be all, end all savior for shows with low ratings. That being said, if any network would take a chance on a show with low ratings, it’d be Syfy. Besides, Wynonna Earp has an awesomely dedicated online fandom. Call me naive, but I have hope.

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