‘Wynonna Earp’: More Reasons to Like Bobo in “Landslide”

This is an episode recap of Wynonna Earp so there are obviously spoilers through episode 11, “Landslide”. I warned you, crazies.

Every week I watch Wynonna Earp, it gets better and better. Part of me thinks that I’m just so attached I can’t look beyond my bias and undying love for Melanie Scrofano, but then I watch an episode like “Landslide” and it hits me that, “No, this shit right here is really good television.”

When we left things last week, Doc had run from Purgatory, Wynonna and Dolls had taken down Bobo’s enemy, Lou, and in the process they found thought-to-be-long-dead older sister, Willa Earp. How do things get even crazier than that? Let me count the ways.

Despite Gus recognizing Willa almost immediately, the Earp sisters are still skeptical, so they ask Dolls to do a DNA test to be certain. She passes and everyone is like, “Oh shit. Do we have to change the name of the show now that we have a new heir?” Honestly, this can’t bode well for Willa or the Earp sisters having two heirs who can use Peacemaker. Is it like a time paradox where both cannot exist in the same plane? Does this mean Willa is doomed? I have so many questions!

Waverly, usually so accepting and cheerful, is hesitant about Willa’s arrival and doesn’t take her time spitting in Willa’s Cheerios.

Willa: “It was real, wasn’t it? I killed a man. Lou got pulled into the ground.
Waverly: “He didn’t get pulled into the ground. You sent him to Hell.”
Willa: “Huh?”
Wynonna: -_-
Waverly: “Well…she did.”

I can’t blame Waverly for her jealousy toward Willa. She was six when Willa died and never really knew that Earp sister. And with Wynonna in and out of her life like a tornado, Waverly was the one who stepped up in Purgatory, the one who studied the revenants, the one who researched everything she could. If she could have picked up Peacekeeper and put an end to the town’s problems while both her older sisters were gone, you can be damn well certain she would have. Of the Earp sisters, Waverly has been the most dedicated toward their family cause, and she’s the one who still gets left out from it. She’s the one they’re concerned about protecting rather than fighting side by side with. And then Willa comes back from the dead and suddenly she’s granted everything Waverly wants, being a hero and respected enough by Wynonna to not be babied. OF COURSE Waverly is jealous.

Willa doesn’t have memories of her childhood as an Earp, only the time she spent in Lou’s animal cult. Wynonna eventually explains the curse to her and takes her out to shoot Peacemaker. The act of firing Peacemaker stirs something in Willa and she regains her memories of learning to shoot with her father. It’s a shocking revelation and becomes too much for Big Sister Earp and she takes off to where all the Earps go when they’re running away from their problems: Shorty’s Saloon.

Meanwhile, Baby Bobo has some deals going on on the side with some shady poker game going down in town and he pulls out the ol’ vampire twins from his demon vault of tricks. The pair aren’t too much to write home about and they meet their maker pretty soon after their introduction. They have a mix of siren and Medusa abilities, luring in men once they make eye contact and then devouring bodies and blood once they have the men in their grasp. Bobo wants the card shark Bradley Stokes out of the picture and it only takes one look from the twins to get the job done. In a matter of seconds they’re graphically feasting on his nether regions. Mm. Tasty.

Wynonna is also dealing with Willa’s return in her own self-destructive way. She’s finally in a decent place, despite the whole, “demons wanting to kill her” thing. For the first time in forever, she has a purpose and people aren’t trying to lock her up for being crazy. With Willa back, she’s technically no longer the heir and that calls into question why she’s still there, why she’s even bothering to continue with her duties when Willa, who was trained by her father to handle revenants, is around.

Dolls comes to Wynonna with a mission and tells her to get her head in the game and that he loves her and wants to be with her and have her babies and Wynonna is all, “LOL ok Dollhouse w/e. Stop drinking that crazy juice.”


They go into a definitely-not-creepy abandoned building where our vampire twins are holed up. They try to work their magic on Wynonna and she’s all, “Sorry, wrong Earp sister.” Dollface gets too close, however, and releases all that pent up sexual frustration on the girls and Wynonna rolls her eyes at his man parts and puts the twins in the ground where they belong.

Somewhere on the outskirts of town, Doc the mustached-dork is having car troubles. He meets a stranger who isn’t a demon but definitely isn’t a human who complains about the youth of today with their iPotatoes and inability to fix things with their hands. Doc shrugs his mustache and is all, “Thanks for all the fish. Later, homes.” Before Doc can leave, the stranger flashes Earp’s badge and gives Doc an ultimatum, continue running from the past and take the badge, or go back and help Wynonna with the impending doom headed Purgatory’s way. Doc is all, “UGHHH BUT I LIKE RUNNING AWAY” and ends up heading back to Purgatory where the car breaks down again and he gets whanged over the head with a frying pan.

When Wynonna and Waverly finally find their older sister at Shorty’s getting wasted with her newfound Earp drinking abilities, the Earp sisters get into a bit of a scuffle with the revenants and Willa, sick of their red-eyed bullshit, swipes Peacemaker, and puts that presumably bad-breathed demon in the ground. Wynonna, realizing the severity of Willa’s actions, gets her the hell out of there because they are sorely outnumbered. They make it out in time but Bobo, thanks to some shaky cam work, eventually realizes who it was that put one of his cronies in the ground.

He heads to the Homestead, but not before the baddies after Dollface make it there and open fire on our heroes. Dolls protects Waves but she grabs her shotgun and is all, “OH NO NOT IN MAH HOUSE.” Wynonna and Willa (oh my god all these ‘W’ names, guys), after having a heart-to-heart in the barn hear the gunfire and pull out Dollface’s Christmas gifts to the Earp family.


Why SyFy didn’t play “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” during this scene is BEYOND ME. Look at those girls. Look at how AWESOME they are.

The mercenaries run off the land and Willa, not caring for Wavy Lays’ bullet wound, chases after the fleeing attackers. She fails and gets put on the flat of her back when who comes to the rescue? Bobo.

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, there is something more to Bobo. He has a soft spot for the Earp girls. We learned early on that he was like an imaginary friend to young Waverly, acting as her guardian angel. When he sees the video of Willa in Shorty’s, he doesn’t look mad, he looks genuinely surprised, and he immediately heads to the homestead and saves her life. When Wynonna sees him and has a clear shot to end him, he doesn’t fight back, he tries to run. He’s not the big bad guy we think he is.

Random Thoughts:

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Wynonna’s facial expression here. At first she’s all, “LOL Wha-why would you–” and then the realization hits her and all those comments about Nicole come into focus and then she goes soft and “awww” for her baby sister. It’s sweet and SYFY IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO WAVERLY I AM DONE YOU HEAR ME.

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays on Syfy at 10pm EST.

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