WWE RAW Recap, 3/2/2015: The Daily Show meets the WWE

(NOTE: I usually do the WWE RAW reviews over at my own blog and this is a bit of a trial article. The Total Divas recap had a fairly good audience so we will see where this leads…hope you enjoy it! — Matt)

The main event at WrestleMania is still Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar. Rumors are flying that Lesnar’s unhappy with his current contract and that he’s considering a UFC comeback and that he may not even show up at WrestleMania.

Even if Creative had a “plan B” to fix that, that doesn’t make me feel any better.

We should have had an incredible WrestleMania in Santa Clara.

And look what we ended up with:

  • Daniel Bryan returning to WWE…and he’s buried in placed in mid-card hell.
  • Ambrose is a comedy jokester, rubbing elbows with R-Truth.
  • Bad News Barrett becomes IC Champion and loses all the fucking time, so why not put him in a Ladder Match so he can job to the rest of the dressing room all at once?
  • John Cena vs. Rusev where we’re all supposed to believe that Cena’s gonna win the United States Championship.
  • The Undertaker, held together with string and tape, to…do what again? The Streak’s over. Where’s the velocity?
  • Balding Sting vs. Slighty More Agile Scott Steiner
  • Rollins vs. Orton? Good idea. Just kidding, let’s have him feud against Jon Stewart from The Daily Show.
  • Something involving Kane and Big Show and J&J Security which has lead me to believe that they all have some serious shit on Vince.
  • Miz-dow/Miz, a feud that turns to dust if sunlight hits it.
  • And speaking of boring feuds involving the word “Dust”…

None of this is gonna get any better. I want to hold out some hope but we all know it isn’t gonna be fixed.

Let’s blindly stumble along, shall we?

We are LIVE(!!!) from Newark, New Jersey!!!

Cole, Booker and JBL are the guys still employed to announce this shit.

Seth Rollins starts us off as we’re reminded that he’s in a feud with a dude who’s retiring from a completely different show that has nothing to do with wrestling. Apparently, Rollins invited him to RAW, so our prayers for WrestleMania have finally been answered. Rollins says Stewart’s on his way from a movie shoot. Rollins tells him to turn around and go home. This whole thing gets worse when Rollins reminds us that he’s holding the MITB case. He yells until Roman Reigns’s music hits to some heel heat.

Crowd is TNA soft right now as Reigns looks smug as shit. Reigns says he wanted to come out and hear the crowd yell “YOU SUCK”. He tells Rollins to continue. Rollins says he can rap better than Wiz Khalifa and out-eat Mark Henry and he can out-wrestle Reigns, which delights the crowd somewhat. He says he will be the next WWE Champion. He says Reigns can’t beat Lesnar, but he can. Reigns says that Rollins can’t beat Lesnar. He already had a shot and failed. Rollins reminds him that he could beat the survivor at WrestleMania — or even the next night on RAW. He can even do when the champ “least expects it” because now it’s the Hardcore Title.

Reigns slaps the taste out of his mouth. Rollins bails. J&J attack but eat a Superman Punch and Spear. Reigns stands tall as promo times have been cut in half!


  • The Daily Show with Seth Rollins
  • Divas Championship rematch: Nikki Bella vs. Paige

That’s right. Your main features on tonight’s show are talking and a Divas match.

Ambrose is on the way to the ring from backstage.

Meanwhile, Rollins’ jaw hurts because Reigns punched him real hard and Rollins “forgot what that was like”. Holy fuckballs, I wish I was making that up. He blames J&J Security for failing him even though they constantly fuck up. PSEUDOVIPER Randy Orton shows up and also blames J&J. He wants Rollins to ask Reigns to fight so he can prove that he can “wrestle and talk like Jon Stewart”. Or something.

Ambrose faces Barrett because Ambrose stole the IC Title. So did R-Truth. Then he gave it back to Ambrose. Also, R-Truth is going to WrestleMania. Also, 4,200 WrestleMania seats are available on StubHub. That can’t be coincidence.

MATCH #1: WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose (non-title)
Ambrose is all over Barrett in the corner and beats him while he’s on the mat. Ambrose gets up and takes over but Ambrose hits a forearm on a counter and a Bulldog. He tries to go off the top rope and Barrett yanks him to the mat, then boots Ambrose outside and we go to a break. When we come back, Barrett is beating on Ambrose, then turns his attention to Truth, who he shoves. Ambrose attacks on the distraction, hitting a dive, then a flying elbow off the mat on the other side. Meanwhile, Truth rips off the IC title. Back in the ring, Ambrose chops away at Barrett but Barrett comes back with Winds of Change. Suddenly, Luke Harper shows up. And he wants the IC Title, too. He takes it and walks away. Barrett sets up the Bullhammer in the ring but gets distracted by Harper. Dirty Deeds by Ambrose and Barrett loses at around 9:39. Again.
WINNER: Dean Ambrose via Dirty Deeds

Post-match, Ambrose blames Truth for the belt getting lost.

ON SMACKDOWN: Miz yelled at Miz-dow backstage because he was filming a penis pill ad without his permission.

And then he does it again tonight on RAW. We even get the actual commercial with Miz saying how small and soft his penis is, which is what I totally want to see on a three hour RAW show. Miz is enraged and slaps Miz-dow. Miz-dow is pissed…but backs down.

Bray comes out to the entrance ramp and there’s an empty coffin with him. He wants to know what’s left of The Undertaker. He says he made a coffin for him. Because that’s what Bray does now: he makes coffins. Also, Bray likes lighting shit on fire because it destroys like he does. He pours gas on the coffin, then lights it on fire. Undertaker never shows up and we go to commercial. We’re in the home stretch and we’re imagining a feud.

WWE Network is number on online over everyone. Except porn. Chyna finally gets one up on Vince.

MATCH #2: Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, & Natalya vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) & Naomi
Cole: “This match is something to smile about!” Jey uppercuts the shit out Tyson but gets taken out on a double team by Cesaro. Jey hits a quick Samoan Drop and tries the Rikishi Splash. Cesaro tags Natalya and bails from the ring. Naomi tags on and it’s a series of counters before Naomi hits a Sunset Flip fro two. Natalya injures her leg on a jump spot off the ropes and tags Tyson. Jimmy gets the tag on the other end. He manhandles Tyson and punches Cesaro. The Uso’s try a double Rocker kick but Tyson tags his wife who gets pinned by Naomi at 2:53.
WINNERS: Usos and Naomi

Post-matchm Nattie yells at Tyson for tagging her in. Tyson hugs her and Nattie cries like a wimp into his shoulder. Awwww.

TONIGHT: Seth Rollins is gonna take on Roman Reigns to prove he can talk on a talk show!

NEXT: Cena announces his plans for WrestleMania, which he totally controls.

Sheamus is still returning, btw. Eventually.

Out pops John Cena. He shows us clips from last week. He says the people are probably happy that Rusev beat him at Fastlane. He says that those people shouldn’t stay happy. He will overcome. Get back up, etc. Fans aren’t buying it. He says that Rusev is a marked man who he will face later. But, right now, he wants to go to WrestleMania. And he will do so by going to the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

That brings out Stephanie McMahon and she’s not happy that Cena is just declaring his candidacy for that battle royal. She says that Cena being in the battle royal is an insult because Andre was an icon who once held her when she was a little girl. Or something. None of this makes any sense. Cena says his past credentials should get him in. Steph says nope because Survivor Series. Cena calls her a bitch, which is certain to win her over now. Steph says that Cena’s got an ego like Hogan, Hart, The Rock and Austin. They all left and thought WWE would sink. She says it’s time to find somebody who can beat Rusev.

Out comes Curtis Axel who the crowd is behind for some reason. He kisses Steph’s ass and says he deserves a spot at WrestleMania because he also met Andre as a kid. Steph thanks Axel and says that Cena can prove himself worthy by wrestling Axel. Or, alternatively, convince Rusev that he deserves a re-match. Either one. To top off this shit sundae, Axel imitates Hogan’s “whatcha gonna do” spiel and rips his shirt off. Why don’t we bring back Juventud Guerrera as “The Juice”, also? I don’t think we’ve hit the floor yet. Cena’s had it. He grabs the mic and tells Axel to leave the ring. If Axel stays, he’s not walking out.

We get ready to go and then go right to a commercial.

MATCH #3: John Cena vs. Curtis Axel
Axel plays to the crowd and imitates Hogan some more. Cena just glares. Axel poses. And poses. And poses. And poses. And poses. And points. Cena hits a clothesline. Axel Hulks up and points at the WM sign, then gets AA’ed and STF’ed and Cena wins at 2:02.
WINNER: John Cena

Post-match, Axel leaves the ring just like Cena said he wouldn’t do. But, whatever. Rusev also appears with Lana. They mock him. Answer’s STILL no. Russian flag. 20 minutes just to get that.

Cole segues into Triple H vs. Sting. He got an interview from Arn Anderson and Michael Hayes who say that Sting was the “first to enter and last to leave”. Booker says Sting never came to WWE all these years because the “door was always locked”.

Triple H comes to the ring and it’s time to settle in for more talking. Triple H reminds us of what he offered Sting last week. However, Sting spat it back in his face. Triple H says everyone has theories on why Sting never came to WWE until recently. That includes Booker T, who he invites into the ring. He asks if Booker really believes what he said a few minutes ago.

Booker says that he knows Sting. He would have locked him out, too. He says that Sting cannot be controlled. Hogan couldn’t and neither could the nWo or Eric Bischoff. Sting’s here in the WWE and Triple H has to deal with that. Triple H hears what he’s saying. He thanks Booker, then fires him. Happy Black History Month. Then he says he’s just kidding because he’s the boss and that’s what he can do. And he will use that to beat Sting.


  • Daily Show with Seth Rollins
  • Divas Match
  • Seth vs. Reigns

After break, Cole is depressed that Triple H didn’t fire Booker T. And holy shit, we’re back and there’s a wrestling match.

MATCH #4: Paige (challenger) vs. Nikki Bella (champion) (w/ Brie Bella) for the WWE Divas Championship
Paige beats on Nikki and tries the PTO but Nikki breaks using the ropes. She falls out of the ring and, REALLY?! A fucking commercial?! When we come back, Nikki is in control because stuff happened on the WWE App. She hits a Spinebuster on Paige and tries to follow with a body drop but Paige kicks her and rushes her. They both clothesline each other and hit the mat. Paige hits Short Arm Clotheslines and a dropkick. Two count. Paige goes for a PTO but Brie hops up on the mat. Paige charges her, knocks Nikki down and hits the PTO again. Brie interferes for the pointless DQ spot at 6:37.
WINNER: Paige via DQ
RATING: 1/4*. Ugh. No point to this.

Post-match, the Bellas get ready to beat up Paige — but AJ Lee makes another comeback to WWE and saves Paige. Together, the two faces rid the ring of the Bellas.

Backstage, Paige kinda, sorta thanks AJ for her help. AJ is weird and awkward as usual. Hooray. Divas. Wooo.

Rollins does The Daily Show. We get clips of when Rollins invaded The Daily Show. He wants Jon Stewart…but Stewart doesn’t show. So, he tells a bunch of lame jokes until he does. Stewart gets a bigger pop than Reigns. Stewart and Rollins exchange goofy banter. Stewart calls him a “SWAT Team Stripper with Lady Gaga’s hair,” then goes for the Mick Foley city pop. Stewart says he doesn’t fear the Curb Stomp because that’s how people from New Jersey say “good morning”. He name drops a bunch of older wrestlers and says that Rollins is nothing but a poster that people will get tired of and take off their wall. He says that The Authority doesn’t care about him. If they did, he would be in the main event at WrestleMania. He says that Rollins didn’t earn the MITB case. Kane did it for him. Rollins has had enough. He and J&J attempt to swarm Stewart. Orton’s music hits, Stewart kicks Rollins in the nuts and rolls out of the ring, killing any heat Orton had to begin with and making his appearance fucking pointless. Wow.

Renee interviews Jon Stewart who’s really nervous about Rollins finding him backstage. He runs off because he senses danger.

MATCH #5: Luke Harper vs. Daniel Bryan
Harper brings the IC title with him. Harper just runs over him and slams him, then punches at him in the corner. Finally, Daniel Bryan sidesteps Harper’s attack and tries a dropkick but Harper grabs him and tosses him over the top rope. Guess what? Commercial time! When we come back, Bryan unloads YES Kicks and goes for the leapfrog off the buckle but Harper catches him and hits Snake Eyes and a German Suplex for two. Harper goes for the Powerbomb but Bryan counters and scoop pins Harper for two. Superkick by Harper. Two count. Harper follows up but Bryan counters with the YES Lock for the win at 6:21.
WINNER: Daniel Bryan via YES Lock
RATING: *1/2.

Bryan points to the WM sign, post-match as Barrett comes down to the ring to re-claim the IC title. Ambrose attacks him and grabs the belt. Harper boots Ambrose in the face and he has the title. Harper rests in the corner, so R-Truth pops out of the fucking floor and steals the Hardcore IC Title from Harper. Harper destroys Truth and he has it. Crowd chants for Ziggler, the obvious choice, and he finally shows up and Superkicks Harper, taking the title with him backstage. And Daniel Bryan watches Ziggler with the IC Title. Bryan takes a long look at the belt on the big screen, which is as insulting as it gets. They have a staring contest.

The next 2015 WWE Hall of Fame entrant is…Alundra Blayze & Madusa.

Backstage, Seth Rollins is seething over Jon Stewart beating him up. Orton shows up and says he saved Rollins and wants to help Rollins tonight against Roman Reigns. Kane and Show show up and say they’ll be there. Orton isn’t happy and wanders off.

Paul Heyman is in the ring to address rumors. Lesnar will be at WrestleMania. He’ll be anywhere he wants before and after that. He says that people need to believe in Lesnar instead of believing in fairy tales like Daniel Bryan. The mic keeps cutting out. He says that everyone “believes that” when it comes to Reigns. He can beat every single Superstar ever in the history of WWE. He goes on a huge rant about being conquered and beaten by Brock Lesnar. Believe THAT.

Out comes Reigns for the main event.

NEXT WEEK: Rapper Wiz Khalifa is guest starring on RAW next week for some reason.

EARLIER TONIGHT: Roman Reigns hit Seth Rollins with the biggest punch ever in the history of punches.

MATCH #6: Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins (w/ Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury, Kane and Big Show)
Reigns attacks and Rollins rolls out of the ring. Once he regroups, Reigns hits a couple of simple atomic drops. Rollins regroups again and tghen gets back in. He tries kicking Reigns but Reigns grabs his foot and uppercuts him. Reigns just manhandles Rollins, flipping him to the mat and hammering his head. Rollins finally breaks Reigns’ offense with a dropkick and begins punching away. He eventually tosses Reigns outside. J&J jump Reigns but Reigns throws them off of him like Chozen in the Karate Kid, Part II, then clotheslines Joey Mercury. He gets back in the ring — and Orton’s music hits. We go to break.

When we come back, shit, the match is still going. I was holding out hope that somebody was pinned during the commercial. Rollins has taken over and has Reigns in a Sleeper. Reigns breaks free, lifting Rollins up and slams him to the mat while Orton looks smug at ringside. Rollins charges but misses his corner splash. Reigns hits clotheslines and a Tilt-a-Whirl Slam. He sets up for the Superman Punch but Joey Mercury grabs Reigns foot which the ref just allows to happen. Reigns dumps him outside and gets dropkicked by Rollins. Rollins goes top rope but Reigns attacks and goes for a Superplex. Rollins breaks the hold and tries the neckbreaker. Reigns counters.

Noble jumps up on the mat and gets taken out. Rollins shoves Reigns to the mat and then hits the Championship Kick That Won Alberto Del Rio the World Title for two. Both men are down but get back up. Rollins rushes at Reigns but Reigns tosses him out of the ring. Reigns dives at Rollins but hits Big Show instead. He rolls Rollins back in the ring but Kane clocks Reigns with a chair and rolls him into the ring. Two count by Rollins. Rollins goes for the Curb Stomp and misses. Reigns hits the Superman Punch and goes for the Spear but Orton grabs Reigns’ leg. Rollins rolls Reigns up for like a a full ten-count, which is ridiculous, and wins at 15:32.
WINNER: Seth Rollins
RATING: **. Horribly overbooked. Do we really need five dudes at ringside with Rollins?

Post-match, Reigns dives at the entire Authority. Show comes back in and gets taken out. Rollins goes top rope but Reigns hits a Spear in mid-air. He stands tall as we go off the air.

OVERALL: *, overall. That’s being generous.



Er, that’s it…

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