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The Workprint Gamescast Episode 20: Gaming Pet Peeves

What’s up, guys and gals! Welcome to the Workprint Gamescast!

Listen to Rob, Jen, Bilal, and the gang talk about the latest in video games news, what they’re playing, and all other manner of nerdy habits.

THIS WEEK ON THE GAMESCAST: Another full house on this week’s episode as Josh and James join our usual trio to discuss the week in gaming. Find out what drives our heroes up a wall when it comes to gaming. Discover how far Josh can push Rob’s buttons before he retires from podcasting.

Want to watch our shenanigans live? Check out the Workprint Twitch channel. Our gamescast goes live every Wednesday at 8:30 PM EST.

About Jen Stayrook

Jen Stayrook
Don't let the fancy nerd duds deceive you; Jen’s never been described as “classy.” You can find her on Twitter where she stalks all of her favorite celebrities: @jenstayrook. Or you can find her on Steam or Xbox dying in every game she plays as "Rilna." Email: jen.stayrook@theworkprint.com

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