Witness Terrifying Horror in Incredible Hulk #1 this June

The Age of Monsters begins this June in Incredible Hulk #1!

Not too long ago, we covered a new take on the Hulk in Hulk Annual #1 by David Pepose and Caio Majado. Now courtesy of horror scribe Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Alien, Marvel Zombies: Resurrection) and artist Nic Klein, we’ll be treated to a Hulk unlike any we’ve seen on June 21 of this year.

Incredible Hulk #1 begins the Age of Monsters, and infuses the series with horror of many varieties, as can be seen below:

“Phillip and I put a big serving of monsters, a bit of eldritch gods, a good dash of suspense, and some cool new characters into the cauldron,” Klein added. “We’re trying to serve up a Hulk the readers haven’t seen before. And if they like it half as much as I’m enjoying drawing it, they’re gonna love it.”

This series will also see Hulk at war with himself, as the furious green monster tries to take control of Banner’s body permanently. Meanwhile a sinister immortal turns every monster in the Marvel universe against Banner and Hulk. It’ll all culminate in the attempted release of the Mother of Horrors. Can Hulk and an unlikely new ally stop this threat to existence itself?

Those unwilling to wait a few more months can get a preview of Incredible Hulk #1 in the Hulk Annual #1 this May 17th. For everybody else, check your comic book stands in June to read this intense sounding story arc!

Art and Cover by NIC KLEIN

On Sale 6/21

Josh Speer
Josh Speer
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