Whose favorite landshark has his own comic book? It’s Jeff!

Kelly Thompson and Gurihiru’s "It’s Jeff!" Infinity Comic will be collected in a special one-shot this March along with a brand new story!


Ah 2018, among its many highlights exists one fin-tastic discovery thanks to West Coast Avengers: Jeff the landshark! After crashing into the hearts of fans, Jeff has made friends with some of Marvel’s greatest heroes, and becoming a big enough star to carry his own Eisner-nominated Infinity Comic on the Marvel Unlimited App. Written by Jeff’s creator Kelly Thompson with art by Gurihiru this popular series will be brought to print for the first time come March in the stunning, and subtly titled debut: It’s Jeff #1! Don’t think you know the whole story, because along with the assortment of charming digital short stories there’s a brand-new exclusive tale made just for the issue!

Clever, one-of-a-kind, and awfully innocent, Jeff happily munches his way through the Marvel Universe! Don’t think you can go on doing the laundry, or taking a dip in the pool without falling victim to this loveable little landshark! Jeff’s misadventures come with a who’s who collection of Marvel characters including but not limited to the Avengers, Spider-Man, and Captain Marvel!

“I suspect I’m more excited than anyone to have this print edition in my hands, and I say that while knowing it’s probably the single most asked fan question I’ve gotten over the last year — so I’m happy for all of us that it’s finally happening!” Thompson said. “Working on IT’S JEFF with Gurihiru has been pure joy. They are masterful storytellers and are also masters of CUTE. Both vital things when making a mostly wordless comic about an adorable landshark just trying to do the right thing and also to EAT all of the things.”

Check out Gurihiru’s all-new IT’S JEFF #1 cover below and dive into Jeff’s amazing adventures this March! For more information, visit Marvel.com.





Art and Cover by GURIHIRU

On Sale 3/29

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