Wandavision Episode 7: Tell Your Sister… 

In WandaVision Episode 7 Monica gets bold, Wanda loses her grip of her ‘Modern Family’, and the Vision makes a friend. Also, it’s likely every commercial in the series is actually an Infinity Stone. Here’s why.

Holy Guacamole is how I’m going to begin this week’s review/recap because what a doozy this episode was in setting up for the final two episodes of this season. In this crazy new WandaVision episode, so many new answers come to light. And so, as a wise Sith Lord Once said, “You Were Right”. Which is exactly the sentiment we have in this episode. 

Christian talks with his old bandmates about the latest happenings in WandaVision.

Vision Has A New Ally 

Paul Bettany as Vision in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Let’s start off by talking about Vision and his new buddy Darcy. Now absorbed into Wanda’s extended Hex region turned carnival. Vision wakes Darcy’s mind — as she’d become a part of the clown crew — and asks her what life is like on the outside. More importantly, Vision desperately seeks to know: just what in the world is going on?

Darcy obliges and explains to Vision every event we know about currently in the MCU, including his own death (twice), and even episodes of WandaVision which Darcy has been following. Vision realizes learns from her that he can’t leave the hex without dying. Though it doesn’t matter, as he’s stopped all time by hex reality itself, which is seemingly controlled by Wanda. As such, Vision goes off to find his wife.


Monica Plots A Return 

Meanwhile, S.W.O.R.D. plans to launch into the hex, sending Monica on a mission directly inside. And though this astronaut level mission sees her ultimately rejected, being the gung ho Monica Rambeau, she decides to go in anyway. Health and molecular structure be damned. And survives. Monica is changed and a molecular level. She sees reality differently now but has no time to embrace her new abilities as she must save Wanda from whatever’s happening. 

We also learn that Hayward was trying to bring Vision back online! Proving that he was most likely a bad person as he attempted to resurrect Vision and possibly make him into a weapon under codename cataract. Though Monica shares her findings with Wanda, it doesn’t seem to strike a chord. But it is really sweet that she embraced her own pain, as Monica’s empathy with Wanda’s loss of vision she connects and relates to with Wanda, via her own feelings about her mom. But before we can get sentimental, Agnes tries to separate them. 

Underrated, we see in the stinger — yes stinger, as we’re now in 2008 MCU early days era — that Monica refuses to leave town. While investigating, she finds an underground basement of creepy goodies along with good old Pietro Quicksilver. Although, it isn’t him and Wanda and just about everyone knows it!


The Infinity Stone Commercial Theory Is True

On a side note, the commercial in this episode about the Nexus anti-depressants seems to confirm last week’s theory. A direct reference to the reality stone, it seems that the commercials being infinity stones might actually be true. I talk about it more in the podcast, though for a quick summary as to why I think this is legit. Here are the videos, the theory, and even the quotes that prove that this one’s probably right.



The Toaster’s dot/design is based on Vision. A creation of the ‘Starks’. Atop of this that glowing dot? Vision’s forehead and the mind stone. 



 “He’ll Make Time For You”

Strucker Watch? Self-explanatory but it’s the time stone.



“Escape to a world of your own, when you want to get away but don’t want to go anywhere.” 

The space stone. If that’s not proof enough look at the soap’s design: It’s the Tesseract/Space Stone.



This one’s a bit of a stretch I’ll admit, as Lagos was definitely a traumatic event for Wanda. One where her inability to fully control her power leads to an explosion that kills tons of people. Though it’s not her fault as much as it was a bad circumstance. 

It might also not be as we have two more episodes to go.



“A long time ago I also sought the stone. But it cast me out. Banished me here.”

So that quote is actually from infinity war and it references the Red Skull. The one person who wanted the soul stone but was unable to attain it and was then stranded on Voromir. Kind of like a little boy stranded on this desert island. With the red shirt. Who turns into a skull and bones. 

Sure, maybe it’s not Red Skull and the soul stone. But then again, look at how that Shark dives back into the water… Then think about all those people who dove at Voromir to attain the soul stone. Like Gammora and Natasha.



“An antidepressant that works to anchor you back to reality or the reality of your choice.”

See that line alone pretty much sold it for me that these commercials are the infinity stones. 


Wanda Has problems

“I don’t know what happening what’s wrong and why I can’t fix it”


As to the main plot, the episode opens with a 2000’s era modern family style of comedy. We get an introduction song based on The Office, as Wanda regrets accidentally expanding the borders of her Hex over Westview. 

It’s interesting seeing how we see Wanda address the camera directly as we get to know her inner world. Unlike cutaway gags, the jokes in WandaVision always accentuate the story, and in this week, it shows. She’s losing control. The milk is wrong as is the furniture. The boys play videogames on different consoles and bits and pieces interchange throughout the years and evolve. 

More than anything though is the major revelation which brings it together: Agnes/Agatha Harkness is finally revealed and apparently, it’s been her all along. Combine that with the stinger, and all these strange men with devil haircuts I guess I’d never really noticed until now (or that the show takes place in NJ, home of the Jersey Devil) I sort of have a theory that everyone was right about the Mephisto story.


The Take

Two more to go! The series really delivered on everything they built up with an excellent red herring and a shocking revelation. I think the series does a really solid job with the build-up, though I am curious to see what Wanda was in control of versus Agatha, as I have a feeling something bigger is at play here.

Even though all signs point to Mephisto and Magic, I don’t think Marvel is going in that direction. Why? Well, simply because the MCU doesn’t do the conventional routes we expect. We didn’t go in that direction for the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 and we didn’t go in that direction with Killmonger in Black Panther. 

Hela/Death in Thor: Ragnarok? Maleketh the accursed? Baron Zemo? Mordo? The list goes on but with the exception of Ultron and perhaps Loki (whom we love for being himself), honestly, which villain in the MCU actually resembled their comic counterpart? Because almost all of them had a distinct twist and my money is that Agatha (and perhaps Mephisto) will do the same.

Unless of course, the real villain of the series is Wanda. We’ll find out in the final two episodes.


Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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