Vision and The Avengers Become Embattled against The Twilight Court Later This Year

Vision may be The Last Avenger Standing?

Marvel has just revealed their end-of-year story arcs for Avengers #7 and #8. Debuting in November and December respectively, the storyline will see the Avengers gain a new base of operations to help with the great challenges to come, as Vision and The Avengers soon realize something drastic has changed in this world, let alone, with Vision. Atop of this, the Twilight Court, previously featured in Timeless #1, makes a mysterious return in issue #8.

“It’s less about ‘stretching themselves too thin’ than it is about showing that the Avengers are the ones who have to step up when something like the Ashen Combine hits the world, even when it’s on disadvantageous footing,” MacKay said in an interview with CBR. “The Avengers don’t always have the luxury of assembling, and when you protect the entire planet, you’re going to have to make tactical decisions as to how to apply your strength. Because the Avengers’ strength isn’t solely limited to them standing together. The other side of the coin is that they’re a collection of powerful, experienced heroes whose reach is planetary and can deploy simultaneously against concurrent threats. Is it a challenge? Of course, it is. But the Avengers exist to be challenged and to triumph over those challenges.”

The Tribulation of Events has been the series-length arc for this current run on The Avengers, where a bunch of universe-breaking trials Earth’s mightiest must resolve before Kang the Conqueror’s quest finishes for his elusive “Missing Moment.” At the current moment in the comic run, The Avengers find themselves entwined in the first of The Tribulation Events, battling the nefarious Ashen Combine whose God-like abilities are proving difficult to handle. Which are listed below.

  • LORD ENNUI, an embodiment of atrophy who drains a city’s life and spirit.
  • IDOL ALABASTER, a living godhead that you’ll worship whether you like it or not.
  • CITYSMITH, an insane artist that twists cities like clay.
  • THE DEAD, a mysterious commander of ghosts.
  • MERIDIAN DIADEM, an endless dungeon that consumes, converts and spits out prisoner after prisoner.

What happens to The Avengers as they try and escape this world, while Myrddin and the Twilight court stir hell for one of The Avengers makes for a compelling end-of-year storyline.

Check out the stunning cover art by Stuart Immonen for issues #7 and #8 below.


Written by JED MACKAY

Art by C.F. VILLA


On Sale 11/1



Written by JED MACKAY

Art by C.F. VILLA


On Sale 12/6

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Christian Angeles
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