Venom #25 pits Eddie Brock against Doctor Doom!

This super-sized issue drops in September and features Al Wing with a collection of great artists

If you’ve been a fan of Al Ewing’s take on Eddie and Dylan Brock in the pages of Venom, prepare yourself for even more spectacular symbiote insanity when Doom gets thrown into the mix!

With artists like Sergio Dávila, Cafu, Ken Lashley, Julius Ohta, the super-sized issue sees Venom making a drastic effort to win the war against Meridius by targeting Doctor Doom! But the gamble could prove too much for Venom even with the new symbiote and its new abilities.

Eddie Brock’s in the market for a time platform and wouldn’t you know it, Doctor Doom’s got one, but the bad doctor isn’t keen on sharing so Eddie’s in for a battle through time! On the bright side, this kind of thing is an old hat for Eddie (see his latest adventures). And if he can get through Doom then it’s full steam ahead on an epic showdown with Meridius. Also, along the way, Eddie’s going to go back to school? That’s right, Midtown High School. Which that raises the question of who or what drew him over there?

“When Editor Devin Lewis pitched me the 50-page oversized issue, my first thought was packing as much bang per buck into those fifty pages as possible – and who provides more bang than the Lord of Latveria?” Ewing explained. “Victor makes a great counterpoint for Eddie Brock – the King and the commoner, the polymath of a thousand schemes and the brutal bar-room brawler. And, of course, the big difference between them – Eddie’s forgiven a lot of his old enemies, but nobody carries a grudge like Doctor Doom…”

Here’s the cover featuring Venom’s brand-new look (coming in Venom #21), and stay turned for the clash between Venom and Doom in Venom #25 come September!


Written by AL EWING



On Sale 9/6

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