‘UN-Boxing Match: Round 3 – Loot Crate vs Arcade Block’

What’s going on guys and gals! Welcome to round 3 of UN-Boxing Match, where I put subscription-based mystery boxes head to head, unbox them, and arbitrarily declare one a winner. This month we have the May editions of Loot Crate and Arcade Block! Let me know which box you think should have won.

About Roberto Valentin Jr.

Roberto Valentin Jr.
Roberto Valentin spends his days as an attorney, father, and husband. His nights are spent saving the world on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. Sometimes he writes a review or makes a dumb video for The Workprint, but mostly he just hosts the Workprint Gamescast. Honestly, he only has this position because he went to college with the Editor-in-Chief.You can follow him on Twitter: @SunnyVice20

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