Futurama’s getting aboard the cancel culture train!

After Kif, his second in command finally has enough abuse and lodges a formal complaint, the insanely toxic Brannigan (Billy West) is sentenced to...

“Fallen Jedi” Make Some Cameos in Episode 4 of Ahsoka

Sorry for the delay in the recap this week. My dog, Danerys, wanted to go to Lady and the Tramp Con this week, and...

Mariner Is at Her Mariner-est in the second ‘Lower Decks’ episode

This week, Paramount+ dropped the first two episodes of Lower Decks, make the season's second episode, "I Have No Bones Yet I Must Flee," something...

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Pays Tribute to ‘Voyager’ in a Delightfully Chaotic Season Premiere

LOWER DECKS! LOWER DECKS! Best Trek is back, and up to its usual shenanigans even as our favorite ensigns start to move forward with...

Futurama Has the Cure for What Ails You!

Explovid-19 has hit New New York with a wave of uncontrolled rage - can Hermes and the power of Voodoo save the day?

New Goosebumps Series Set to Premiere on Disney+ and Hulu

A spooky Friday the 13th treat is on its way for fans of R.L. Stine's Goosebumps

HBO’s ‘Telemarketers’ and the Dirtbag Folk Heroes We Need

The earnest yet chaotic documentary about telemarketing scams and official complicity doesn't break any new journalistic ground, but tells a hell of a story through an unlikely lens.

What We Do In The Shadows Finale Recap: Guillermo is a Half-Dead Man Walking in the “Exit Interview”

In the the season finale of What We Do In The Shadows, we'll see if the bonds that tie Master and Familiar are stronger than the paths that separate them.

What We Do In The Shadows Recap: No Reservations in “A Weekend at Morrigan Manor”

In the penultimate episode of the wild season titled "A Weekend at Morrigan Manor", it's no fun and all games because someone got hurt.

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