WITCHCRAFT! ‘Quantum Leap’ sends Ben further back than ever before

Rules are made to be broken, and in the case of Quantum Leap, the show has now thrown any pretense of staying within the leaper's...

The Curse Review: The Hosts and Their House Fail at Keeping Cool in “It’s A Good Day”

We're now mid-season and though subtle, big shakeups are on the horizon in the little town of Española.

Consciousness of Guilt Lets the Humor Shine in Magnum P.I.

Don't let the dramatic start to the latest episode of Magnum P.I., "Consciousness of Guilt", fool you. Sure, the main story is about a...

The Curse Review: There’s Plenty Room for Shady Stuff “Under the Big Tree”

"Under the Big Tree" piles on problems for Whitney and Asher while making it known the biggest problem is still themselves.

The Curse Review: These New Kids Are Not Welcomed on the Block in “Questa Lane”

The third episode of The Curse finds some hopes dashed and some found. It's a good time for a night watch.

“Monarch” finally gets the human element right in the Godzilla franchise

I love Godzilla. I love kaiju in general. Yes, I am That Guy, the one who will stop you when you say Godzilla breathes...

The Curse Review: What’s Meaning Without Understanding in “Pressure’s Looking Good So Far”

The second episode of The Curse gives us some ugly truths.

‘Quantum Leap’ Takes Ben on an ‘Da Vinci Code’-style Adventure

The original Quantum Leap had Sam Beckett romancing a bevy of interchangeable beauties while totally ignoring what consent means when you're in someone else's body,...

In Showtime’s The Curse, the “Land of Enchantment” is an Oasis By Design

The talents of Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie converge in this Showtime collaboration with A24.

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