Invincible Iron Man #1: Tony Stark Must Fall Before Rising Like a Rocket in Flight

Invincible Iron Man #1 is due out and set to debut this December.

Coinciding with Iron Man’s 60th anniversary, this December, a new era in the character’s history starts with a bang. Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Juan Frigeri begin a new run of a new Iron Man solo title that will see Tony Stark sink to his lowest low in order to climb back to great new heights!

Invincible Iron Man follows Christopher Cantwell’s provocative run which concludes in November’s Iron Man #750, a milestone issue that gives fans their first look at what this new chapter will bring. The continuing series begins with Tony Stark reminiscing on the hits and misses of his 60 years of history, drawing upon some classic armors, and tackling old wounds. All to surmount over a very shocking loss, care of a Marvel villain who has been causing a lot of trouble throughout the Marvel Universe.

Tony Stark as we know him, the brilliant-rich-sexy-humanitarian with an artificial heart of energy, has lost everything: his money…his celebrity…his friends. But what Stark fails to realize is that there’s still a lot left to lose, especially when an unknown villain hires a hit on him and he doesn’t have a clue who hired them!

Will this collection of murderers be the end of Iron Man? It’s looking like it, as the Golden Avenger fights to survive and learns the truth of what rock bottom really means.

“It’s my privilege to try and follow Christopher Cantwell and his collaborators’ stellar run on Iron Man heading into an anniversary year,” Duggan said in a statement with Marvel. “Juan and I are going to introduce a new menace that is gunning for Tony Stark and his greatest creation. We have an epic tale for Stark and plans for old foes, including flashbacks to some of his classic armors. How about a little Silver Centurion for his diamond anniversary? Armor up, you’re gonna need it.”

Check out the cover by Kael Ngu and stay tuned for more news about this title and the other ways Marvel Comics will be honoring Iron Man’s 60th anniversary next year.

Invincible Iron Man



Cover by KAEL NGU

On Sale 12/7

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