Three New Series Help Bring About the New Golden Age

Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, and Wesley Dodds keep The New Golden Age going!

With Stargirl: The Lost Children ending on May 9th, DC’s got its next three titles all lined up for The New Golden Age, care of noted comic scribe Geoff Johns (Flashpoint). Golden Age heroes Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, and Wesley Dodds are each getting six-issue mini-series spearheaded by all-star creative teams. Alan Scott: The Green Lantern by Tim Sheridan and Cian Tormey, Jay Garrick: The Flash by Jeremy Adams and Diego Olortegui and Wesley Dodds: The Sandman by Rob Venditti and Riley Rossmo. In addition, to go along with the Dawn of DC story for this year, all three first issues will be dropping in October.

“It’s long past time that the heroes of the Justice Society had their own titles again,” said Geoff Johns. “At the same time, they had to be special, important, and emotional stories, each one exploring character, revealing secrets, and introducing new heroes and villains to the DC Universe.”

“Tim has crafted a beautiful and shocking origin story for Alan’s greatest enemy, the Golden Age Red Lantern, that is both heartbreaking and inspiring,” added Johns. “Jeremy has created a fun, emotional adventure celebrating the reunion of Jay Garrick with his long lost daughter, Judy, set firmly in the DC Universe of today and Rob will present a mystery tale of The Golden Age Sandman’s earliest days through the lens of Oppenheimer. These three series will all tie back into Justice Society of America and a few other titles we’ve got brewing.”

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Tim Sheridan (Flashpoint Beyond) and Cian Tormey (Superman: Son of Kal-El) get Alan Scott back on the shelves in Alan Scott: The Green Lantern, a feat not seen since 1949. This title will explore the first Green Lantern from a completely modern perspective, putting him in a brand-new light. Starting in the 1930s, the tale centers around an old flame—never extinguished—and what happens when our personal and professional lives can’t be stopped from colliding into each other. Alan’s coming-of-age challenges the man to accept who he is in order to evolve into the hero we know he’s meant to be. This personal growth will have the added benefit of allowing Alan to understand himself and his abilities in a way no Lantern has before, even discovering a new power that potentially makes him the most greatest Green Lantern of all time!

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Jay Garrick: The Flash features Jeremy Adams (The Flash) pairing up with Diego Olortegui (Aquaman: The Becoming). Kids, am I right? Especially if said kid is a speedster! After reuniting with his long-lost daughter, Judy, Jay Garrick has hit a snag—what, if anything, do they have in common? Unfortunately, a problem from Jay’s past has reared its ugly head and if these two don’t get on the same page it could spell trouble. Can The Flash and The Boom succeed in subduing a decades old scheme!?


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Rob Venditti (Superman ‘78) with art from Riley Rossmo (Harley Quinn) dare you to sleep tight when Wesley Dodds: The Sandman, makes his comeback as a pacifist. While he no longer has hope that world peace is possible, he’s still weirdly optimistic about humanity’s ability to do right by each other. Through the idealistic rose-colored lenses of science, Dodds has faith in people’s ingenuity for good. Still, having heard his father’s account of the horrors of World War I, he was inspired to create a sleep gas which could be a more “humane” form of warfare. In his journal he detailed his research process, through trial and sometimes fatal error, with no intention of ever showing it to anyone else. But when his journal is stolen it could spell international mayhem as any number of nefarious nations could use it to launch the next world war, which means Wesley needs to find the filching fiend.

Alan Scott: Green Lantern gets a special preview when DC Pride: Through the Years drops on June 13th. DC Pride: Through the Years is a collection 30 years in the making. Featuring fan-favorite LGBTQ+ characters throughout the DC Universe designed to pay homage to the past with three landmark issues while also promising a bright future yet to come! Along with Alan Scott: Green Lantern, DC Pride: Through the Years will spotlight:

  1. The Flash #53 (1991), in which villain-turned-hero Pied Piper comes out to his friend the Flash and helps thwart a dastardly villain
  2. Detective Comics #854 (2009), the thrilling beginning of Batwoman’s first solo series, which would launch her into stardom
  3. Supergirl #19 (2018), which tells the story of Lee Serano—a nonbinary teenager who befriends the Girl of Steel

All three of the first issues will be available in October at local comic book shops.


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