The Workprint Gamescast Episode 25 – Buyers Remorse!

What’s up, guys and gals! Welcome to the Workprint Gamescast!

Listen to Rob, Jen, Bilal, and the gang talk about the latest in video games news, what they’re playing, and all other manner of nerdy habits.

THIS WEEK ON THE PODCAST: Rob is back from the brink of death! He’s joined by Jen and Bilal as they recount recent feelings of buyer’s remorse when it comes to video games. Also… the usual stuff!

Other things covered:

  • TV/Movies
    • Fuller House, House of Cards, Zootopia, The 100
  • Games
    • The Division, Fire Emblem: Birthright, Stardew Valley, Fallout 4, Smite, Halo 5, Rocket League,  Rocket League, Puzzles and Dragons Mario Edition, Persona 4 Golden

Want to watch our shenanigans live? Check out the Workprint Twitch channel. Our gamescast goes live every Wednesday at 8:30 PM EST.

About Bilal Mian

Bilal is the Editor-in-Chief of The Workprint. Follow him on Twitter @Bilal_Mian.

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