The Return of Spider-Gwen Features Gwen’s Greateset Threat: Herself!

Ghost-Spider to return in SPIDER-GWEN: SHADOW CLONES by Emily Kim and Kei Zama


Gwen Stacy sees a return to action with the Ghost-Spider multiverse version of Earth-65. Now in a limited series, the new comic run written by Silk and Tiger Division’s writer, Emily Kim, with art by Edge of Spider-Verse creator Kei Zama, will see Ghost-Spider face off against a cavalcade of clones modeled on Spidey’s rogue gallery. All designed by comics artist and Marvel darling, Peach Momoko!

The story kicks off in an alternate reality where Gwen was bitten by a radioactive spider granting her spider-powers. Ghost-Spider, as known in her run that dates back to 2014, is a story that’s seen Gwen really come into her own as a girl in the modern world. Facing off against villains like Venom, while becoming a great role-model and kick-butt drummer as one of the most entertaining runs Marvel’s done in the past decade.

But when she’s faced against Doc Ock, Sandman, Vulture, and more of the Spider-Rogues, a shocking secret smacks Gwen in the face: they’re all her! It’s a dark story about clones, set in one of Marvel’s favorite storylines, and most definitely one of my favorites having read the entire line since 2014.

“I was a little nervous taking on Spider-Gwen because she’s such an iconic hero,” Kim said in Marvel’s latest press release. “But the rich story premise and fantastic team has made the process a blast. I’ve quickly fallen in love with Gwen and her unique voice and am excited for people to see how she handles a crazy slew of Gwen clones.”

“There’s a lot of fun things about drawing Gwen Stacy and Ghost-Spider,” Zama added. “I’m especially exciting to draw bold battle scenes of Ghost-Spider and come up with ways to create exciting compositions. It’s also really fun to draw the expressions of Gwen Stacy. I’m really glad to draw these new villains designed by Peach Momoko. I didn’t expect to collaborate with her in this way.”


Written by EMILY KIM



On Sale 3/1

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