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Rebooting or reviving a beloved series is always a tricky proposition. Do the show runners try to do something new and risk alienating old fans? Or do they wallow in nostalgia and try recreating the magic...
The end of the Krakoan age launches several X-Men titles including Fall of The House of X, Rise of The Powers of X, and Resurrection of Magneto.

Mark Brooks Celebrates 60 Years of Marvel With Corner Box Covers

I don't know about anybody else, but oftentimes the decision to read a book first depends on the cover art. I wish my process...

The X-Men’s Future Lies in the Past in Upcoming Jean Grey Series

Jean Grey has always been a big deal in comics. And not just because she was prominently featured in the X-Men animated series, though...

Learn More About Magneto’s Complex Past in Series This August

I still remember when I first saw Magneto. I was watching the X-Men animated series, which as a kid I adored. The powerful Master...

Fall of X continues to impact mutantkind with the return of Genesis, Beast dancing on the edge, and much more!

MegaCon in Orlando gave fans a look into Fall of X, kicking off this summer with new titles and stories designed to usher in...

Invincible Iron Man and X-Men Pave the Way for the Fall of X Event

Gerry Duggan is paving the way for an epic new event called the Fall of X, and upcoming X-Men and Invincible Iron Man issues...

Marvel Unveiled ‘X-Men 97’ Story Details along with Live-Action Hellfire Gala and More at 60 Uncanny Years Event

The 60th-anniversary special revealed the plot to the upcoming X-Men 97 and unveils a live-action Hellfire Gala by D23 at San Diego Comic-Con 2023

Marvel Announces Another Anniversary: The X-Men 60 Uncanny Years Virtual Event on March 16th

An Online Celebration of X-Men's 60th Anniversary

Rediscover Marvel with Upcoming Multiverse Core Rulebook and X-Men Expansion

As a longtime comic book fan, I thought I'd seen everything from Marvel. Movies, TV shows, videogames, podcasts and, of course, comic books. But...

Krakoa’s Foundation is Starting to Crack in X-Men: Before the Fall comics!

Fall of X is four one-shots that will kick off the X-Men’s next status quo. Details Available Here of What's in Store in this groundbreaking X-Men arc.

X-Men Vote Returns with Chance to Be Drawn Into 2023’s Hellfire Gala

Voting runs from January 31 until February 3 and is limited to one choice per voter

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