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Sometimes you parent makes a boo-boo. Sometimes that boo-boo is yours to inherent. Woops woops?
Messing with the original appeal of a product may have a less than pleasant outcome, though your intentions are for the best. A cautionary tale.

Birdgirl Episode 4 Review: We Got the Internet

Think your corporate job has taken hold? Does a spirit of dread lurk within the building? Boy, have I an episode for you.

‘Birdgirl’ Episode 3 Review: Thirdgirl

Do you ever feel you're taking on too much but don't stop doing it? This is an episode for you!

Birdgirl Episode 2 Review: Share Bear

This episode introduces a creepy 'helpful' bear and some truly romantic tea. Sip on that!

Birdgirl Pilot Review

Move over Harvey, there's a new She-riff in town... For those of you that weren't sucking on your mother's teat when Cows were eating cows,...

‘The Twilight Zone’ Season 2 Episode 2 Review: “Downtime”

Season 2 of The Twilight Zone continues with episode 2, “Downtime,” on CBS All Access. Find out how it did and what grade it...

‘Harley Quinn’ Season 2 Episode 2 Review & Recap: Riddle U

Harley, Ivy, and the method acting Clayface, infiltrate Riddler's stolen university: 'Riddle U' by posing as hot young coeds, finding some very surprising help...

Veep: Season 4 Digital HD Review

Season four of Veep was the final season for creator and showrunner Armando Iannucci (David Mandel will be showrunner starting next season), and he...

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