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Prodigal Son: “The Trip” Review

It’s episode five and our show has finally decided to shake things up a bit. Get ready to leave the Whitly family in the...

Prodigal Son: Designer Complicity Review

Malcolm got the first two episodes, Mom is getting the third and fourth, but it looks like it will soon be Ainsley’s turn at...

Prodigal Son “Fear Response” Review

How does Prodigal Son hold up after three episodes? Not bad. And considering it got picked up for a full season, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Prodigal Son Review: Annihilator

Being a new show, Prodigal Son needs to use its second showing as a means to solidify any progress made by its first and give the audience a glimpse into what direction the season is going.

‘Prodigal Son’ Review: The Second Coming of the First Son

For a pilot, Prodigal Son is pretty heavy-handed yet not without real potential.

Warner Bros. Announces Their New York Comic Con 2019 Panels and Screenings

Warner Bros. Television Group has announced their schedule of panels and screenings for New York Comic Con 2019. Three new series and four returning favorites...

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