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This is the penultimate episode before we get blazed in a hellfire before our god.
On this summary, I approach Preacher as a way of how redemption and changing can be mysterious.

Preacher Final Season Review: Episode 7- Gauntlet Throne

I talk about the finer points of subterfuge, anger, denial, and immediacy on Episode 7 of Preacher, "Messiahs"

Preacher Final Season Review: Episode 6- Colonel’s Original Recipe

By a show of hands, who is familiar with a concept called the Apocalypse? I mean, like a member of the Wu-Tang clan, it...

Preacher Final Season Review: Episode 4- Long Train Runnin’

Coming off the intense heels of the last episode's Preacher (AMC), we arrive at the Office of Herr K. Starr (Pip Torrens) in a...

‘Preacher’ Final Season Review: Episodes 1 and 2- Sound The Horns

"Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience." James 1:3 For those who've been keeping score, Preacher (AMC) is on its last season. This...

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