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Mr. Sin City himself, the one and only Frank Miller, returns to Marvel to help grace the covers of several upcoming comics with gorgeous and gritty variants.
The Netflix fantasy series delivers on some questionable yet unconventional twists if you can bear with the struggle of getting there. We breakdown the first three episodes of ‘Cursed’ on TheWorkprint podcast. Based on the graphic novel by...

NYCC 2019: ‘Wonder Woman: Bloodlines’ Interview with Rosario Dawson

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is DC’s latest animated film. At New York Comic-Con, actress, Rosario Dawson, sat down with The Workprint to discuss playing Wonder Woman yet again. 

The Blind Leading The Blind – What to Read Before You Watch Daredevil

Back in October, I was able to attend Netflix's Daredevil panel at New York Comic Con. The footage shown during the panel and the ensuing...

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