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Destiny 2 is arriving two days earlier.
Leave it to Nathan Fillion to deliver more charisma and personality in the first Destiny 2 teaser than can be found in all of Destiny.

Gaming Wrap-up: 1/15/15 – Lactose Intolerant Edition

Like a phoenix, I rise as a slightly less sick phoenix from the ashes of phlegm to bring you today's top gaming news! LACTOSE INTOLERANT...

Gaming Wrap-Up: 1/12/15

What's going on guys and gals? Rob here with the first ever Workprint Gaming Wrap Up, where I'll be rounding up the day's top...

Destiny Reveals Release Date, Content for First Expansion

Activision and Bungie have announced the Destiny expansion, The Dark Below, will be available for download on December 9th.   The expansion will include the following: New weapons, armor, and gear...

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