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This is the penultimate episode before we get blazed in a hellfire before our god.
I talk about the finer points of subterfuge, anger, denial, and immediacy on Episode 7 of Preacher, "Messiahs"

Preacher Final Season Review: Episode 6- Colonel’s Original Recipe

By a show of hands, who is familiar with a concept called the Apocalypse? I mean, like a member of the Wu-Tang clan, it...

Preacher Final Season Review: Episode 5- Take A Walk

In Philosophy, Free Will is the designated doctrine that our collective conduct as humans is bathed in personal choice and not providence, whether physical...

Preacher Final Season Review: Episode 4- Long Train Runnin’

Coming off the intense heels of the last episode's Preacher (AMC), we arrive at the Office of Herr K. Starr (Pip Torrens) in a...

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